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How to Eat Healthy at Christmas and Still Enjoy It Eleni Zeniou Dietitian

4 Tips for How to Eat Healthy at Christmas and Still Enjoy It

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So Christmas is around the corner. Christmas parties are in full swing. We've got lots of eating out, lots of catch-ups. That's great and we definitely don't want you to…
how to get more fibre into your diet eleni zeniou dietitian

How to Get More Fibre Into Your Diet

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Most of you will know here at Tree of Life Nutrition, we have a huge focus on gut health, and it's one of the first things that we will look…
5 easy ways to lose winter weight

5 Easy Ways to Lose Winter Weight

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Spring has definitely sprung here in Brisbane and across the country! While many of us feel happy about our beautiful sunny weather and longer days, there may remain a few…
how to practice mindful eating

How to Practice Mindful Eating

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Have you heard about mindful eating, and wonder what it involves? It’s a topic I'm pretty passionate about. Learning how to practice mindful eating has a multitude of benefits. Mindful…
gut brain axis and improving mood with diet

The Gut-Brain Axis and Improving Mood with Diet

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Have you heard about the gut-brain axis, and wondered what it means? Perhaps you have a vague idea, but not sure about the science of it all? Maybe you’ve experienced…
5 tips for eating healthy in the winter

5 Tips for Eating Healthy In Winter

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In the wintertime, it’s often the case that we reach for our comfort foods - which can be stodgy, and unhealthy. We can also tend to reduce our exercise. Both…
nutrition for longevity key changes you can make today

Nutrition for Longevity: 5 Key Changes You Can Make

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People often ask us about nutrition for longevity. The questions usually centre around which foods to eat to help them live longer. Or sometimes, which foods not to eat! It’s…
managing ibs - improving your quality of life

Managing IBS & Improving Quality of Life

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Do you need help managing IBS? (Or irritable bowel syndrome as it’s officially known). Or maybe you suspect you have it? Over my long career, I have treated thousands of…
7 healthy eating tips for christmas

7 Healthy Eating Tips for Christmas You Don’t Have to Check Twice

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Christmas is coming - are you excited? The tinsel, the tree, the Michael Buble songs, for many of us, it’s our favourite time of the year. We might be in…
eleni georgiou dietitian discusses diet and diabetes

Is a Mediterranean Diet Good For Diabetes?

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Have you been recently diagnosed with diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance? You may have wondered if a Mediterranean Diet is good for diabetes? Or perhaps your health professional has recommended…
eleni georgiou discusses mediterranean diet and mental health

Mediterranean Diet and Mental Health – Can What We Eat Make a Difference?

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We know that diet impacts our physical health, but did you know that what we eat can also impact our mental health? There is increasing research into this area, and…
can diet cause endometriosis dr peta wright

Can Diet Cause Endometriosis?

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Can diet cause endometriosis? This is an often-asked question when it comes to women’s reproductive health and dietetics. Endometriosis can be an extremely painful condition, and the exact cause is…
nutrition and your thyroid

Can Diet Affect Thyroid Function?

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Can diet affect thyroid function? Yes, it absolutely can! Generally speaking, our thyroids need certain nutrients in order to function well. And while there’s nothing specific that harms it, there…
what is the best diet for metabolic syndrome graphic image of eleni georgiou dietitian

What is the Best Diet for Metabolic Syndrome?

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Have you been told that you have metabolic syndrome, or are heading towards that diagnosis? Metabolic syndrome is not really a term that a lot of people are so familiar…
How Does Nutrition Affect Fertility

How Does Nutrition Affect Fertility?

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How does nutrition affect fertility? You wouldn’t necessarily relate what we eat with our reproductive health, but like many things in our bodies, there is a connection. There is strong…
does ibs weaken the immunity ibs dietitian desi carlos

Does IBS Weaken the Immune System?

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Winter is typically the time we see more viruses and bugs circulating in the community. So as our days get cooler, patients often ask us about diet and how to…
irritable bowel syndrome causes symptoms treatments desi carlos

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Causes and Treatments

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Have you been experiencing abdominal pain or discomfort and wonder if you have irritable bowel syndrome? Or maybe you’re one of the 1 in 7 Australians who have been diagnosed…
foods to eat to improve gut health desi carlos

Foods to Eat to Improve Gut Health

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Are you wondering which foods to eat to improve gut health and digestion? Maybe you’re experiencing some digestive symptoms? Or perhaps you’ve heard about the important role your gut health…

How to Navigate the Christmas Party Season

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3 things usually come to mind when you think of Christmas party season... food, booze and more food. These parties can be tricky to navigate when you have been working…

5 Healthy Quick Lunch Ideas

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Stuck on what to make for lunch? Find yourself staring blankly into the pantry? We've got your weekly lunches sorted! Enjoy delicious, nutritious and easy lunches to get you through…

Nutrients To Improve Your Immunity

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One way you can take care of your health is to ensure your immune system has all the nutrients it needs to function effectively and fight off pathogens. A great…

Boost Your Immunity With Food

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Its important during times like this we are taking care of our health and our immune system. We can do this through food, still maintaining exercise, staying hydrated and getting plenty…


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Do you find yourself snacking more when working from home? It's easy when you're at home all day to eat more food and particularly snack foods compared to when you're…
healthy eating at christmas

The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Eating at Christmas

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With Christmas around the corner and festive feasts on their way, the holiday season can seem challenging. Particularly, when it comes to maintaining all the hard work you have put…
desi carlos dietitian

There And Back Again…A Greek Girl’s Tale

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Ladies…as busy women and mothers, life is a bit of a rollercoaster. You know what? Sometimes, our health can take a backseat while we are frantically ‘doing’ so much. As…

Healthy Tips for the Christmas Season

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Christmas can be a difficult time to eat well. Enjoying yourself shouldn’t mean undoing all the positive changes you’ve made throughout the year. By being careful with your choices you…

Mediterranean Chicken Breast Casserole

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Casseroles in a traditional Mediterranean diet are packed with flavour, with the use of herbs and beautiful produce like capers and olives over salt and cured meats. This makes them…
dental health

Oral Health and Nutrition

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Did you know, that your diet directly impacts your oral health? The health of your teeth and gums can be influenced by your diet and nutritional status, right through your…

Food A Secret Weapon Against Diabetes

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Do you or someone you love have symptoms of diabetes? Or perhaps you have a family history? Or maybe that little voice in the back of your mind is saying…

Diet and Bowel Cancer Prevention

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You may not know, that bowel cancer is the nation’s second-biggest cancer killer. Although your risk of cancer increases as you get older, it's important to know that you are…

What is the Most Nutritious Diet Plan?

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Diet. It’s that one word many people from all around the world are all too familiar with. You may have either partaken in a diet, (often many times over) know…

How to Choose What Foods to Have Before a Workout

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It’s a no brainer that diet and exercise are both crucial to your well-being and a common myth is that you shouldn’t eat before a workout to burn more fat.…
two greek girls cooking demo

Winter Warmers Cooking Demo

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Do you struggle to stay on a healthy eating plan over the winter period? Reach for the comfort food a little too often? Winter is a bit like that sometimes.…
bliss-balls recipe

Beat the Chocolate Cravings! Healthy “Chocolate” Bliss Balls for Easter

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The Easter bunny is on his way and that means chocolate is literally everywhere at the moment. When you have a particular eating plan in place, it can be quite…

What is Food Chemical Intolerance?

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Although food intolerances affect at least 3.7 million Australians, it can be a difficult concept to understand and is sometimes poorly understood by doctors as well. There is a lot…
healthy mini muffins

Banana Blueberry Oat Mini-Muffins

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Prepping for the day ahead can be difficult, especially if your household is a busy one. Sure, you can and should, always throw in some fruit and maybe some diced…

5 Healthy Yet Indulgent Valentine’s Day Meal Ideas

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Treating your loved one doesn’t have to mean sending them to an early grave! As Dietitians we often get asked about healthy meal ideas for special occasions. When it comes…

Back to School Nutrition

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Teachers Inspecting School Lunch Boxes… Let’s get these healthy Lunch Boxes Sorted! by Dietitian Desi Carlos APD AN Back to school nutrition - is this really yet another responsibility we…
christmas dinner mindful eating

12 Mindful Eating Tips for Christmas Festivities

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How Mindful Eating for Christmas can help your health goals - by Tree of Life Nutrition psychologist, Dorothea Vallianos Sometimes Christmas time can be a difficult period when it comes…
eating out

5 Simple Tips for a Happy and Healthy Festive Season

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With the festive season upon us, it is easy to get caught up in the festivities and overindulge. To get through this time and enjoy a healthy festive season, we…
winter-food-for immunity

Winter Nutrition Tips to Boost Immunity

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Winter is well and truly here, and these colder months can provide a challenge with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Staying well-nourished is important to keep our hard-working immune system firing…

Chickpea Energy Balls

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Energy balls are a healthy snack option, but they are often high in kJ due to the number of nuts and dried fruits in them. Making them with chickpeas reduces…

Dark Chocolate Bark

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After healthy and easy chocolate treat? We like to use dark chocolate as it is high in antioxidants, and is lower in added fats and sugars than milk and white…

Cauliflower Mash

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Creamy and comforting, this is a twist to the original side dish. This Cauliflower Mash Recipe is lower in carbs and kJ, cauliflower is a great alternative to the much-loved…

Banana, Honey and Walnut Loaf

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This sweet and nutty loaf is a delicious afternoon delight, served with hot tea or coffee. If there are any leftovers, slice some up and pop into lunchboxes, or toast…
spicy chickpea tomato and quinoa soup

Spicy Chickpea, Tomato and Quinoa Soup

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This Spicy Chickpea, Tomato and Quinoa Soup is bound to warm you up on a cold winters night. Packed with nutrients, it's a great way to get 2-3 serves of…
exercise physiologist

What Does An Exercise Physiologist Do?

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As many of you may know, Tree of Life Nutrition also has in-house Exercise Physiology services. You may wonder, what does an Exercise Physiologist (EP) do, and how can they…
easter survival guide

Easter Survival Guide

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There are many temptations during Easter that test our willpower and waistline. It is an indulgent season, but fear not – we have compiled a list of tips to help…
roasted cauliflower with tahini

Roasted Spicy Cauliflower with Tahini Sauce

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This Roasted Spicy Cauliflower with Tahini Sauce recipe brings all the flavour to the humble cauli! A great side dish to compliment your favourite fish or meat. Cauliflower is high…

Japanese Pancakes

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Japanese pancakes, or okonomiyaki, are a delicious option for a light lunch. But don’t be fooled by this picture. When I attempted these babies, they turned out to be more…
almond milk

Desi Explains Almond Milk

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There are so many types of milk available, and one of them is almond milk. Tree of Life Nutrition's Dietitian Desi Carlos chatted with Bianca, Terry and Bob from 97.3FM…
mediterranean stuffed mushrooms

Mediterranean Stuffed Mushrooms

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This beautiful Mediterranean Stuffed Mushrooms recipe is full of goodness and tastes amazing. A lovely side dish or the perfect all-in-one meal for Meat Free Monday. Mushrooms contain a suite…

Desi Explains Supplements

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Supplements and vitamins are hot topics at the moment. Here is Desi's response to the dietary role of supplements, from her on-air conversation with Bianca, Terry and Bob from 97.3FM.…

How to Keep Motivated to Eat Healthy

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Are you struggling to stay on top of your nutrition goals? Whether it is staying inspired to continue with a New Year resolution, diet change, elimination diet, or just being…
no diet diet

The No-Diet Diet

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What is the No-Diet Diet? Desi talks with Bianca, Terry and Bob from 97.3FM, where she reviews the latest diet trend talked about in the media, the “No-Diet Diet”. Audio…

Salmon with Herb, Walnut & Chilli Salsa

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Salmon is so good for you, and this Salmon with Herb, Walnut & Chilli Salsa recipe is absolutely packed with flavour and vitality. Fresh herbs and zingy chilli are baked…
apple and thyme turkey breast

Apple & Thyme Turkey Breast

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Turkey is a great option, and the breast meat is low in fat, tender and delicious. This beautiful recipe for Apple and Thyme Turkey Breast is very moreish. A gorgeous…

Prawn & Mango Salad

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Summer days are salad days! This Prawn & Mango Salad showcases summer at its best here in Queensland and around Australia. Seasonal ripe mangoes, luscious prawns and ripe avocado complement…

Chicken, Apple & Bocconcini Salad

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This Chicken, Apple & Bocconcini Salad is lovely and light. It is a simple salad which has a few key ingredients which provide maximum flavour. Chicken, Apple & Bocconcini Salad…
santorini greece

Desi’s Greece Trip – Travelling to Greece and visiting Athens, Rhodes and Santorini!

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The anxiety I felt leading up to my holiday in Greece was crazy. I often think of my mother travelling in a boat for a month to come to Australia…

Tuna Pasta Salad

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This Tuna Pasta Salad is such a great recipe to make ahead for lunch or serve for a special meal. It's really tasty and has basic ingredients which most people…
r is for rehabilitation

R is for Rehabilitation: Best Foods for Healing Injuries

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Most people will have an injury from a sport or movement-related activity at least once in their life. And they can be incredibly frustrating as it prevents you from doing…
quinoa tabouli salad

Quinoa Tabouli Salad

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I had this Quinoa Tabouli Salad recipe given to me by a fellow Dietitian and it is delicious. Perfect to take along to a weekend barbecue or have with dinner…

Q is for Quinoa

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Quinoa seems to have stolen the spotlight the past few years as a superfood. Although I’m not a big fan of saying food is a ‘superfood’, quinoa does bring a…
chicken paella

Chicken Paella

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This Chicken Paella dish is such a perfect one-pan meal that pleases them all! Packed with all the goodies - chicken, chorizo, gorgeous herbs and spices and if you love…

P is for Protein

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Protein: 1 of the 3 macronutrients of our diet along with carbohydrates and fats. It’s important to have an adequate intake in your diet to retain lean muscle mass and…

Melbourne Cup Day Eating Tips

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Well it’s a week today until one of the biggest sporting events on the calendar…Melbourne Cup Day. And for most of us, it doesn’t quite involve much sport but more…
oils range

O is for Oils: Coconut Oil vs Olive Oil

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Oils, a very interesting topic of discussion in the last few years. And boy can it get confusing. Olive oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil, macadamia oil, sunflower oil, the…
sweet or sour cravings

Sweet & Sour Cravings…Why?

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Are you team sweet or team savoury? Why do we crave one or the other? Our dietitian Desi chats with the 97.3 team about why we have sweet or sour…
nuts australian almonds

N is for Nuts

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Nuts are a great snack idea, crunchy addition to a salad, a great toast topping when made into a spread form (e.g. peanut butter or almond brazil & cashew butter).…
mediterranean diet

M is for Mediterranean Diet

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The Mediterranean Diet is different from other diets. Instead of including restriction, elimination of food groups and health claims without evidence, the Mediterranean diet is more of a lifestyle. It…
reading the label

L is for Label Reading of Packaged Food

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Fat-free, sugar-free, superfood, nutrient extractor? You’ve got to hand it to the marketing guru’s, they know how to catch your eye when choosing a food product! What they don’t often…
spring bbq get togethers

K is for Kickstarting Your Spring Regime

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Can anyone believe its already September? This year is just flying by! And since Spring has now arrived on our doorstep what better time to start changing your routine up…
juicing fruits and vegetables

J is for Juicing

| Nutrition Tips | No Comments
Juicing is a great way to get a good dose of vitamins & minerals so a lot of people often grab a juice if they feel like they might be…

I is for Iron

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One of the most common deficiencies in the world, particularly in women, is iron deficiency. We look at the importance of iron, its properties as well as which foods you…

3 Nutrition Tips for Bridge to Brisbane

| Nutrition Tips | No Comments
Getting ready to run Bridge to Brisbane? Or any running race of about 5-10km? Here are three nutritional considerations for running. We show you what foods to choose and show…

H is for Hydration Needs

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What's the importance of hydration? And how much water does our body really need through different activities? I answer these common questions about your hydration needs in my latest article.…

New Look for Tree of Life Muesli… Our New and Improved Recipe!

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We have been making our very popular muesli for more than 10 years. It was now time to make some required changes to our muesli. So what's changed with our…

G is for Grains: Benefits of Grains in Your Diet

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Should we be eating grains? What types of grains are best? Desi answers these common questions about the benefits of grains in your diet. From a nutritional standpoint, they are…
brisbane exhibition

A Day At The Ekka…

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It's only one day! Let's just treat ourselves, burgers, Dagwood dogs, fairy floss, strawberry cream ice cream! After all it's tradition. Right? The Ekka appears to definitely be a day…
high fibre foods

F is for Fibre in Our Diet!

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Why is fibre so important? How can I get more fibre into my diet? These are questions I am often asked by patients. I explain fibre in our diet, so…
muesli muffins

Muesli Muffins

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Homemade muffins are a great mid-morning or afternoon snacks. The benefit of homemade is you know exactly what is put in them, so you can make sure there are no…

E is for Exercise

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What are the benefits of regular exercise, and how should you approach it if you have a chronic condition? We explain the immense payoffs of regular exercise. We also look…

D is for Dairy!

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Dairy nutrients Most people know that dairy products provide our bodies with a great source of calcium, which is important for building and maintaining strong bones. What they may not…
pumpkin spinach and lentil lasagne

Pumpkin Spinach & Lentil Lasagne

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This pumpkin, spinach and lentil lasagne is a delicious yet healthy take on the classic lasagne. Rich tomato flavours pair with sweet pumpkin, hearty lentils and spinach. The addition of…
c is for cholesterol

C is for Cholesterol

| Education | No Comments
Cholesterol can be a confusing and sometimes scary topic, particularly if you have had a recent blood test and your cholesterol levels have increased and you’re unsure why or how…
b is for bananas

B is for Bananas!

| Education | No Comments
What is so great about bananas? People seem to either love them or hate them, I for one love them! You’ll always find me including a banana in my breakfast…
zucchini slice-recipe

Zucchini Slice

| Recipes | No Comments
An easy recipe you can cook up and use for lunch for the week with a side salad. It goes nicely with a spoonful of natural greek yoghurt as well!…
a is for antioxidants

A is for Antioxidants

| Education | No Comments
What is an Antioxidant? Why is it important to include these in our diet? We hear that word thrown around quite a bit, but what does it actually mean? Let's…

Grocery Shop Like a Dietitian

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Often a question that patients will ask me is what do you eat, where do you shop at and what sorts of foods do you have in your shopping trolley?…
zucchini porridge

Zucchini Porridge

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That's right. Zucchini porridge. I can already assume what you're thinking... but just hear me out! This porridge is one of the creamiest you will taste AND you get an…
a hearty vegetable korma curry, abundant with spices and just perfect for a cold winter's night. This version is a healthier take on the classic. Using evaporated milk and essence instead of the usual coconut cream.  

Vegetable Korma Curry

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This is a hearty vegetable korma curry, abundant with spices and just perfect for a cold winter's night. This version is a healthier take on the classic. Using evaporated milk…


| Recipes | No Comments
There's no better way to get your serve of vegetables than with a gorgeous ratatoille. So simple, but bursting with natural flavours of Mediterranean vegetables! Ratatouille Ingredients 1 Large or…
beef rissoles and beetroot salad recipe

Beef Rissoles with Beetroot Salad

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This Beef Rissoles with Beetroot Salad recipe is a fresh and filling dish. We combine tasty homemade beef rissoles with a gorgeous beetroot salad. Simple to make for any weeknight,…
herbed lamb burgers

Herbed Lamb Burgers

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These Herbed Lamb Burgers are especially delicious when teamed with the gorgeous avocado and red onion relish. Watch them all dig into this perfect homemade "takeaway." Herbed Lamb Burgers (serves…
the truth about coconut sugar

The Truth About Coconut Sugar

| Education | No Comments
Is coconut sugar a superfood? Should we be eating it in place of regular sugar? Let's break down the truth about coconut sugar, and understand where it fits on the…

Fish with Tomato and Basil Sauce

| Recipes | No Comments
This delish Fish with Tomato and Basil Sauce recipe is so lovely. Flavours of tomato and basil and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar bring all the flavour to fish or…

Chewy Honey and Oatmeal Biscuits

| Recipes | No Comments
Make these Chewy Honey and Oatmeal Biscuits for a sweet treat that's also packed with fibre. Wholemeal flour and oats with the sweetness of chopped dates and honey. Chewy Honey…

Tandoori Chicken Kebabs + Raita Dressing

| Recipes | No Comments
Try this easy and delicious Tandoori Chicken Kebabs and Raita Dressing recipe. Tandoori chicken is a beautifully tenderised chicken thanks to marinating in yoghurt. The raita dressing is flavoursome and…

Hot and Sour Prawn Soup

| Recipes | No Comments
A mouthwatering Hot and Sour Prawn Soup which is jam packed full of flavour and freshness. Asian vegetables like lemongrass, garlic, ginger and coriander with zingy lime and a kick…

Eating Out Guide

| Nutrition Tips | No Comments
Our top healthy tips for eating out! Eating out shouldn’t be an excuse for unhealthy eating, nor should it come as a burden for those watching their weight. Follow our…
blueberries for blueberry lemon muffins

Gluten Free Blueberry Lemon Muffins

| Recipes | No Comments
These amazing Gluten Free Lemon Muffins are made with moist almond meal and have a delicate lemon flavour. They are a lovely option for a sweet treat while gluten free…
almonds moist almond cake

Moist Orange Almond Cake

| Recipes | No Comments
Whether you're eating gluten free or not, a Moist Orange Almond Cake is always a thing of beauty. Enjoy trying out this lovely recipe. Moist Orange Almond Cake (Gluten Free)…
pre-order book

Now Taking Pre-orders!

| Education | No Comments
After 18 months of hard-work, we have finally sent our cookbook off to the printers and are now accepting pre-orders! Give us a call on (07) 3891 6199 to order your…
mediterranean nourish workshop

Mediterranean Nourish Workshop 2.0!

| Education | No Comments
Due to popular demand we'll be hosting a second Mediterranean Nourish Workshop on Saturday 7 May. We'll be presenting as Two Greek Girls Cooking, keeping in theme with the upcoming launch of our cookbook Mediterranean…
foodie guide to stanthorpe

Foodies’ Guide to Stanthorpe

| Nutrition Tips | No Comments
A word from Desi...Eating her way through The Granite Belt (Stanthorpe) - food, wine and exercise! For foodies like me, Stanthorpe is a local retreat for relaxation, warm atmosphere, good wine…

How To Eat Healthy At Sushi Restaurants

| Nutrition Tips | No Comments
Sushi, the age old traditional Japanese food, is highly popular in western culture and comes in in all shapes, sizes and flavours. So depending on what you order, it can…

Plant Based Sources of IRON!

| Nutrition Tips | No Comments
What are plant based sources of iron? Can you get your iron from plants? Here are 5 plant based sources of iron, which whether you are vegetarian or not, are…
my big fat greek diet

My Big Fat Greek Diet

| Education, Nutrition Tips | No Comments
With the recent release of my Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, we thought we’d shed some light on the highly researched and publicised Mediterranean Diet. Studies have shown it has…
carrot cake

Mum’s Famous Carrot Cake

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Everyone I know loves my mum's carrot cake. Deliciously spicy and of course, finished with the perfect cream cheese icing. Here's the recipe...I hope you enjoy it as much as…
mediterranean nourish workshop

Mediterranean Nourish Workshop

| Mediterranean Diet, Nutrition Tips | No Comments
Join us Saturday 16 April for our inaugural presentation as Two Greek Girls Cooking. Our first Nourish Workshop for 2016 will have a Mediterranean focus, keeping in theme with the upcoming launch of…

Unrefined Hot Cross Buns

| Recipes | No Comments
Unlike your traditional hot cross buns, our recipe for Unrefined Hot Cross Buns gives a nice crunch to the exterior yet leaves a soft, fluffy centre. We’ve removed the refined…

Effortlessly Slim You Say? What The Data Shows

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We’ve all wondered how some people just appear effortlessly thin however when it comes down to it, there is no magic pill or quick fix. The formula is all about…
new dietitian

Our New Dietitian Has Joined The Team with Additional Clinic Locations

| Nutrition Tips | No Comments
The newest Dietitian to join the Tree of Life Nutrition team is Kate Feely. She is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, Associate Sports Dietitian & ISAK Level 1 Anthropometrist. Kate has…
banana muffins in tray

Healthy Banana Muffins

| Recipes | No Comments
These healthy banana muffins are a great fibrous snack for school lunches or when you're on the go! Easy to make and delicious! Healthy Banana Muffins Recipe Makes 12 Ingredients…

Homemade Tzatziki

| Recipes | No Comments
Tzatziki is a simple and flavoursome dip that is a great healthy option with meats or breads. Enjoy this recipe for Homemade Tzatziki, just the way mum makes it! Homemade…
happy healthy workplace

A Happy, Healthy Workplace!

| Education, Nutrition Tips | No Comments
It’s a simple fact that people enjoy being around other happy, healthy people. Promoting such a philosophy within your own office will have positive flow on effects to all stakeholders…

Getting The Protein You Need in a Vegetarian Diet

| Education | No Comments
Following a vegetarian diet can be great for your health, but is it important you are getting adequate protein into your diet. Find out how to do that. How to…
australias healthy weight week

Australia’s Healthy Weight Week 2016

| Education | No Comments
This week is Australia's Healthy Weight Week. An initiative from the Dietitians Association of Australia to educate the Australian community about healthy eating. As well as how to achieve a…
smart snack solutions

Smart Snack Solutions

| Nutrition Tips | No Comments
Everyone is now back into their routine, the work schedule begins again, kids are back at school, uni is about to start back and life is busy! It’s sometimes hard…
sports nutrition runners

Sports Nutrition – Getting An Edge Over Competitors

| Nutrition Tips | No Comments
How can good sports nutrition help you get that edge over your competitors? Can good diet really make a difference? We give you 3 great tips for guiding your pre-training…
berries for berry smoothie bowl

Berry Smoothie Bowl

| Recipes | No Comments
Smoothie bowls are really having a moment right now, and that's because they're so delicious! (Apart from looking great on Instagram).  Add a handful of frozen berries and some additional…
sneak vegetables onto your childs plate

8 Ways to Sneak Some Veggies Onto Your Child’s Plate

| Children, Nutrition Tips | No Comments
Children can be fussy eaters, and veggies aren't always their favourite dish. Here are some sneaky ways to get some more veggies into their diet without serving up a whole…
mindful eating

Mindful Eating

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You may have heard the term 'mindful eating' but not been entirely sure what that means. We explain what mindful eating is, and why it's so important. We believe it…
flag australia day

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi! Australia Day Food

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Australia Day is just around the corner! For most of us, it’s a day with good friends near a pool or the beach. Traditionally with plenty of barbeque meats, ice…

Keeping your New Year’s resolutions on track

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Christmas is over and the new year is here, with Australia Day only around the corner the party season is coming to a close, so it’s the perfect time to…
ricotta christmas cake

Ricotta Christmas Cake A Healthy Recipe

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This healthy Ricotta Christmas Cake recipe is deliciously moist. Abundant with fruit and delicately spiced it has all the flavours of Christmas. But, its made on wholemeal flour, sweetened with…

New Zealand Adventures

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Travelling to the home of the ‘All Blacks’ New Zealand You would certainly forgive me if I thought the All Black Flag was the national flag of NZ. There were…
eating out during festive season

Surviving Eating Out During the Festive Season

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When it comes to Christmas, it's the endless nights out before and after which can sometimes take its toll on our health goals. We give you some ideas for surviving…
coping with christmas

Coping with Christmas

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If it were just Christmas day when we enjoyed feasting upon rich food and drink, there wouldn’t be a problem.  However Christmas/New Year celebrations usually begin in early December and…

Cooking Demonstration & Nutrition Seminars

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At Tree of Life Nutrition we are passionate about passing on our knowledge of nutrition and how you can apply that to your everyday life. We recently had the opportunity…

Two Greek Girls Cook Book

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We are excited to announce that Tree of Life Founder Desi Carlos & Dietician/ Nutritionist Lisa Peterson have started working on a Mediterranean inspired cookbook "Two Greek Girls". The book…
fruit and vegetable juice

Powering Through The Festive Season

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This festive season pack your XMAS menu full of superfoods and experience a healthier XMAS break. These low GI foods packed with fibre, vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and omega-3…

Truth About Grains

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With all the negativity around grains and cereal products in the media, people are starting to ask themselves a question. "Are grains good for me or not?" The answer is…