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ADHD and ASD Nutritionist and Dietitian

Nutrition for ADHD/ASD.

NDIS provider logoResearch shows that the right nutrition can reduce many of the negative symptoms associated with ADHD/ASD. The best diet is based on whole foods that fuels a healthy gut microbiome and is low in sugar, processed foods and saturated fat. Good nutrition keeps your brain functioning well, and can help support and lessen negative symptoms. The thing is, healthy eating can be a challenge with ASD and ADHD, and you may face many barriers. Sensory issues with texture or taste, food intolerances, difficulty with planning and focus, digestive issues, food aversion and low hunger cues can all stand in the way of a balanced diet.

nutriton for adhd and asd easting healthy food

You don’t need to do it alone.

If planning, shopping, cooking and all those tasks around food feel overwhelming, you don’t need to do it alone. An ADHD and ASD nutritionist and dietitian can help make eating simpler, and mealtimes feel much more relaxed! If you’re trying to reduce symptoms, we can also help make this process easier and safer. Nutrition-based therapies can improve symptoms for all kinds of disorders impacting physical and mental health, especially ADHD and ASD. But trying this alone is hard. Every person has different needs, and what works for one person may not help you. Without expert help from a dietitian, it can lead to nutritional and gut imbalances that end up increasing the very symptoms you’re trying to ease.

Let’s make healthy eating with ADHD/ASD easier.

If you’re fed up with all the nutritional advice that just seems to make life harder, then you’ve absolutely come to the right place. Our nutritional therapies and dietary solutions are available during consultations both in our Brisbane clinic, or online. It is about improving your quality of life over the long term with dietary solutions that are as individual as you are, and very practical. Helping you to achieve quality nutrition conveniently, smartly, and cost effectively.

help for cooking and meal planning with ADHD and asd

eleni georgiouMeet ADHD/ASD nutritionist and dietitian, Eleni Georgiou

Eleni Georgiou is an experienced dietitian with a special interest in helping ASD and ADHD patients of all ages, improving nutrition for better mental health. Eleni is experienced in optimising gut health and supporting digestive disorders through nutrition and is Microba and Co-Biome Trained and Certified. She also helps people navigate food allergies and intolerances that may be impacting both physical and mental wellbeing.

Eleni focuses on helping you in everyday life situations from planning to social outings even when you’re time-poor. She believes in good, wholesome eating that can be tailored to each person’s needs to create sustainable nutrition choices.

NDIS provider logoWe offer funded appointments at our Woolloongabba clinic under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for self-managed, NDIA-managed and plan-managed clients.

Working together to remove barriers.

Here are just some of the ways Eleni and the rest of the Tree of Life Nutrition team can help you:

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Working with you in a consultation:

  • Restoring gut health
  • Uncovering digestive issues
  • Finding allergies and intolerances.
  • Reducing trigger foods.
  • Food aversion strategies.
  • Tailored testing and solutions.

healthy eating everyday

Supporting your everyday life:

  • Shopping lists
  • Label reading education
  • Meal plans
  • Eating out guides
  • Easy, convenient cooking ideas.
  • Pre prepared meals guides.
children with ADHD and ASD

Children with ASD/ADHD.

A nutritious diet can be really challenging for many parents of children with ASD and/or ADHD. Often we struggle with wrangling the many barriers to optimal nutrition. Picky eating, low hunger, intolerances, textural issues and digestive problems can all make mealtime difficult, leading to poor nutrition, which in turn worsens symptoms. We work with your child and your family to relieve dietary issues that may impede good nutrition so you can enjoy food and family time with less stress.

Adults and teenagers.

As an adult or young person living with ASD or ADHD, it can be challenging to construct healthy meals day in, day out. While a great diet can improve symptoms, takeaway can sometimes feel like the only option if we don’t plan well. What’s more, if you have food aversions, or dietary concerns related to ADHD or ASD, this can make it feel even more difficult to eat a nutritious diet. We can empower you with greater focus, planning and support for managing symptoms and improving mealtimes with ADHD or ASD.

How can we help you?

Nutrition therapy.

Expert support from an ADHD and ASD nutritionist and dietitian to help you reduce symptoms and achieve great nutrition.

Optimise gut health.

Research shows a strong connection between the gut and our brain. Restoring the gut microbiome can be helpful for improving brain function and reducing negative symptoms often associated with ADHD and ASD.

Reducing trigger foods.

Sugar, processed foods, and food additives/chemicals can exacerbate symptoms. We help you identify and replace potential trigger foods in your diet with healthy alternatives, working with your existing lifestyle and preferences.

Investigate digestive issues.

ASD and ADHD often go hand in hand with digestive disorders and other conditions, including IBS. As experienced dietitians in this area, we can investigate underlying conditions that could be further impacting mental health.

Strategies for food aversion.

Picky eating or textural avoidance doesn’t have to impact your nutrition. We have lots of evidence-based strategies for helping you or your child expand the number of foods eaten, while looking for ways to support good nutrition now.

Uncover allergies/intolerances.

Do you wonder if symptoms could indicate an allergy or intolerance? We work with you to understand what might be causing symptoms, and can help you challenge foods in a safe and supportive space.

Real world application.

More than just telling you what to eat, we make a dietary plan that you can actually take action and see results from. Step by step, we work to relieve dietary issues that are holding you back from good nutrition and enjoying food and life.

Practical dietary solutions

As experienced ASD and ADHD dietitians, who are also NDIS providers, we take a very personalised approach to helping you improve your diet. Looking at your lifestyle, schedules, abilities, and finances we create solutions that work with you, not against you. And, we support you to apply them to your life, while troubleshooting any barriers you might face. Here are some of the practical solutions that we can tailor to your needs.

Label reading.

Understand how to read food labels and where trigger foods might hide. Empowering you to make the right choices for you.

Meal plans.

Get a structured meal plan to help you create a balanced meal, and a day/week of good nutrition. Plus, ongoing support when you need it.

Shopping lists and tours.

Know what products suit your unique needs. Tailored lists or personalised shopping tours that take all the overwhelm out of shopping.

Eating out guides.

Preparing you for eating out at restaurants, parties and with friends, so you feel empowered around mealtimes – even on the go.

Easy, convenient cooking ideas.

Improve your confidence and ability to plan and prepare your own meals and snacks.

Pre prepared meals guides.

Not all pre-prepared meals are the same! Select the right convenience meals for you.

We listen, and we care.

At Tree of Life Nutrition, we partner with you in your health and wellbeing. It’s about listening to your barriers, and doing all we can to create solutions that you can not only live with, but thrive on.

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