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Fertility Dietitian

Trying to conceive? Are you wondering if a fertility dietitian can help you? You may have been struggling to fall pregnant for a while now. Or you may want to be as healthy as possible before starting your family. Whatever stage you’re at, whatever your circumstances, great nutrition is always worthwhile. A fertility dietitian can work with you to boost your fertility so you have more chance of conceiving. As well as work on any underlying medical issues that may affect fertility. Once you are pregnant, we can also work on giving your new baby the nutritional building blocks for the very best start in life possible.

Fertility dietitian consultations with Desi Carlos

Desi Carlos is an experienced women’s health dietitian and can help you with fertility, pregnancy and postpartum. She has undergone extensive training in nutrition for fertility and is ready to support your journey to parenthood with the latest evidence in fertility nutrition. Desi offers fertility and pregnancy nutrition and dietary consultations:

  • At the women’s health and fertility clinic Vera Women’s Wellness in Samford fortnightly.
  • As the resident dietitian at women’s health and fertility clinic Eve Health in Spring Hill
  • Any time in our rooms at Tree of Life Nutrition in Woolloongabba.

She is excited to work with you to optimise your chances of conceiving with a personalised diet and nutritional protocol.

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fertility boosting diet plan

Let’s find your fertility boosting diet plan

Nutrition for fertility can be confusing and overwhelming. There is so much information out there about the foods that help increase fertility. It is hard to filter through all the information that Google can provide. Plus, what works for one couple, is not always going to work in every case. There are several organs responsible for supporting fertility, and just as many nutrients are needed to assist the healthy functioning of those organs. Let us guide you through an evidence-based nutrition journey to fertility that puts you and your needs at the forefront.

Give them the best start

You may know that eating well is important for pregnancy, but you may not know just how important it really is. The latest research shows that what you eat before conception has a significant bearing on the health of your unborn child. Preconception nutrition has a marked impact on the likelihood of chronic disease, cognitive development, immunity and mental health. They are literally what you eat (no pressure parents!). This is a concept called genetic programming. The egg and sperm at the time of conception are the genetic material for new life. We can ensure we optimise that genetic material to give your child the best possible start we can. If you are serious about optimal nutrition both before and during pregnancy, the best way to get the right support for you is by engaging a fertility dietitian to work through an individualised plan.

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Talk to a fertility dietitian about the best diet when trying to conceive

You have a vision for the family you want to create. And you want to give yourselves every chance to make that happen. While we can’t control everything about this process, we can work to rule out some of the common risk factors for infertility related to diet. As well, we can counteract any nutrient imbalances which may hinder conception. Learn about the types of food affecting your fertility hormones and the right types of food for maximum fertility. Desi also helps you achieve your ideal body weight before you conceive.

A qualified dietitian can assist with more than just fertility enhancing foods

A great fertility diet looks to provide dietary protective factors for preconception, by increasing intake of:

  • Folate, iron and Omega-3 fats
  • Vegetables and Fish (if not vegetarian or vegan).
  • Following a Mediterranean diet can naturally increase important nutrients for fertility

On top of diet, it should assess and reduce some key risk factors for infertility. This might be as simple as:

  • Reducing saturated fats
  • Reducing sugar
  • Addressing excess weight

Or there may be other underlying conditions that could be affecting fertility. This might include:

  • Poor gut health or leaky gut
  • Endometriosis, PCOS, thyroid disorders
  • Chronic disease, inflammation or auto-immune disorders

When working through diet and fertility issues, and optimising genetic material, Desi’s focus is not only on women and the health of their eggs, but also male and sperm health. She provides a personalised prenatal supplement plan on top of an easy to follow, simple, and enjoyable eating plan you can follow long term. This plan encompasses anti-inflammatory foods and added nutrients based on your specific needs.

With you every step of the way

There is a range of stages in your fertility journey that a fertility dietitian can support you with. These go beyond that exhilarating moment when you see the two little lines on your pregnancy test.


A fertility dietitian can assist you with pre-conception. Whatever that process looks like for you. From first thoughts of conceiving and optimising your nutritional health. Right through to supporting you during fertility treatments like IVF, and everything between.

pregnancy diet


Desi offers a personalised pregnancy diet plan that reduces cravings, helps you manage weight and reduces the risk of nutritional deficiencies and possible complications. She can also work with you to help manage or prevent gestational diabetes.

postpartum nutrition


In the heady days postpartum, you need good food and plenty of fuel! This might look like a great lactation diet, or just a diet to provide all the nutrients you need to support you while you look after the new tiny human in your life.

Why Tree of Life Nutrition?

Desi is an experienced dietitian who has worked in private practice in Brisbane since 1993. This has provided her with a wealth of real-world experience with a range of people and dietary issues. Desi is also a women’s health specialist, consulting to women’s health and fertility clinics Eve Health and Vera Women’s Wellness. Committed to ongoing professional development, Desi has undergone additional training through the Nutrition Therapy for Fertility program.

“The importance of good nutrition when planning a pregnancy can’t be understated. Not just for fertility, but to set up the future health of your baby.”

Desi believes the latest research around preconception is the missing piece to dietetics for fertility. Desi is a mum herself, with three children, and knows how special, confusing, and exhilarating (often all at once) parenthood can be. She can’t wait to support you in this amazing journey.

Let’s talk fertility!

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