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Online Meal Planning

Our nutritionists work with you no matter where you are

We don’t want distance to be the reason you aren’t reaching your goals. Our dietitians offer skype, phone call or email consultations to ensure you are able to utilise our services. We can then provide personalised meals plans for you to implement wherever you are.

Reach your goals in a healthy, balanced and sustainable way with a personal nutritional plan. Our online consultation process is tailored to your needs.

online meal planning
nutritional plan

A plan that’s tailored to your health needs

You may be looking for online meal planning to help you lose weight. Or you may be looking to overhaul your diet for health reasons. Whatever your goals, don’t leave this important decision to the latest guru. Or, in the hands of a fad diet.

Removing or restricting food groups can sometimes lead to unintended consequences, like major nutritional imbalance. Inadequate dietary intake can also upset the delicate gut microbiome, which is so important for immunity, weight management and overall prevention of chronic disease. Let’s get you moving towards your health goals safely, easily and enjoyably.

Online meal planning by experienced dietitians

Our Accredited Practicing Dietitians (APD) are highly qualified to deliver the best dietary and nutritional advice. Tree of Life Nutrition was founded in 1993 and offers a range of specialist interests cultivated over our many years in clinical practice.

We have so much experience which we can offer you, devising meal plans for a comprehensive range of health goals. This might include weight management (including bariatric meal plans); meal plans to help manage your chronic disease or condition; allergies, intolerances, immunity, family nutrition and more. Our online meal planning sessions are a really easy process to help formulate the best menu for your unique needs. All without needing to step into the clinic.


Meal plan design for a 7 day plan $200
Meal plan design for 1 day (includes 2-3 options for each meal) $150

NDIS service fees

7-day meal plan$193.99

How do I book?

Head to our appointments page to schedule your meal plan consultation with one of our Dietitians


Or simply call us on 07 3891 7199, email us on [email protected]