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High school nutrition seminars in Brisbane.

Tree of Life Nutrition offers nutrition education in schools across Brisbane (both private and public). We do this through our Lettuce Eat programs for secondary schools, focused on Year 11 & 12 students. Our number one policy – keep it relevant, keep it fun! Lettuce Eat is a series of comprehensive food and dietary education seminars that your students will enjoy being part of. We give teenagers the tools for good nutrition and great health, for life. Lettuce Eat is formulated and presented by qualified dietitians and nutritionists from one of Brisbane’s longest-running dietetic practices. We aim to challenge the word “diet” and offer a sensible, empowered perspective on what it means to eat well.

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Empowering teenagers with skills for life.

Lettuce Eat programs are focused on inspiring secondary students to make great food and lifestyle choices based on evidence, not hype. We know the best way to help high school students adopt a new perspective is to give them real tools they can use in the real world. Our programs are all about empowering students. We give teenagers the tools for good nutrition and great health, for life.  In this way, they are able to challenge unfettered advice and the sometimes dangerous approaches to food and lifestyle available to them.

Lettuce Eat offers sensible, evidence-based advice about how to eat well, taught by Accredited Practising Dietitians. There is good evidence supporting nutrition education in schools. If your school wishes to provide more well-being education to students, we offer a ready resource.

An experienced team delivering cutting-edge nutrition education in schools.

Tree Of Life Nutrition has been offering nutrition education in schools across Brisbane for over 20 years. This has also included seminars for young children, teachers, and parents. More recently, we have chosen to specialise in secondary nutrition education. Teenagers are starting to form their own opinions and habits, and they’re at a tipping point. We want to be there for them. Given the right environment, the right mentorship, we know we can change their relationship with food. As a dietetic practice with over 30 years of clinical experience in disordered eating and dietary issues related to chronic disease, this is the most rewarding possibility we can hope for.

desi carlos brisbane dietitian

Desi Carlos

Principal Dietitian, Founder Tree of Life Nutrition - BAppSc, Grad Dip NutrDietet

Desi has 3 children - a teenage daughter and son, and another daughter almost there. She sees first-hand the issues with young people, and is keen to help them navigate this time. Desi believes empowering young people with great information and tools can help them eat well, feel good and look great - for life.

eleni georgiou

Eleni Georgiou

Presenter, Nutritionist and Dietitian - B.HlthSci (Nut), B. Nut & Diet APD AN

Eleni sees her role as dietitian, mentor and presenter all in one. She can tailor nutrition advice to address specific areas as well as give clear and evidence-based advice on specific dietary models. Eleni is inspired to help build more intelligent decision making, and foster resilience and self care in young people.

A range of programs to support your secondary school

Year 11 and 12 girls

Lettuce Eat for Year 11 and 12 girls is a fun, relevant and interactive presentation that is tailored to the school year and the needs of the students.  The Lettuce Eat program is designed to meet young women exactly where they are, drawing on their current knowledge. Rather than a dogmatic approach, we present them with tools to help them make better decisions regarding their health which can cut through any trends or fads. The aim is to give young women a sense of empowerment around food choices, body image and nutrition which they can carry with them throughout their whole lives. This includes exploring the misconceptions around dieting, social influences and peer pressure. In particular, how these common factors contribute to poor health in teenage girls.

  • Balanced diets – what, why and how
  • The busy teenage life
  • Nutrition for exams, assignments and studying
  • Body image
  • Safe weight loss
  • Balance in vegan or vegetarian diet.
  • Eating disorder myth-busting
  • Fad diet myth-busting
  • Women’s nutrition
  • Stress eating
  • Mindful eating exercises
  • Sport nutrition
  • Life after school
View the Year 11 and 12 Girls program

Year 11 and 12 boys

The Lettuce Eat Year 11 & 12 boys program offers your school a program focused on issues specific to young men. We teach boys how to tailor nutrition for their lifestyle, and offer several ways they can ‘hack’ their diet to optimise school or sports performance. We also help them understand the unique correlation between the gut and the brain, and how a great diet can promote whole-body health, including mental health. We offer advice on poor body image, eating disorders (yes, boys experience this too!) and bust some of the common myths about fad diets. The seminars are delivered in a fun and interactive way, where boys are given the chance to participate and ask questions on topics relevant to their lives.

  • Balanced diets – what, why and how
  • The busy teenage life
  • Nutrition for exams, assignments and studying
  • Nutrition for skin health
  • Fad diets and eating disorder myth-busting
  • Sport nutrition
  • Body image
  • Life after school
  • Protein, zinc, fibre and other nutrients for healthy young men
  • How healthy eating can improve mental health

Co-educational schools

The Lettuce Eat co-ed program offers an overview of great health presenting to teenagers in a private and public secondary environment. The Lettuce Eat program focuses less on telling teenagers what to do, and more on giving them tools to make better health decisions. We aim to help them see through the misconceptions around diet and many fads out there, to be able to make educated decisions based on evidence. We also help them see nutrition as something empowering rather than restricting. To see for themselves how food can be medicine.

  • Balanced diets – what, why and how
  • Myth busters around some common fad diets
  • Safe weight management
  • How to balance a vegetarian and vegan diet
  • Exploring poor body image
  • Restrictive eating and peer pressure
  • Nutrition for skin health
  • How to manage stressful eating around exam times
  • Improving energy levels for study

Sports programs

Young athletes and sportspeople will learn and develop skills required to eat appropriately to meet their training and competition requirements. The contents of the program are flexible and adapted to the specific sport, age group and the number of sessions requested. Lettuce Eat Sports Nutrition provides education on:

  • The role of carbohydrates and proteins for fuel and performance
  • Nutrient timing for carbohydrate foods and protein foods
  • Using everyday foods and healthy snacks as part of sports nutrition
  • Event nutrition strategies – pre-event, pre-training, post-event and recovery
  • Nutrition strategies for competition and sports carnivals
  • Focused nutrition strategies specific to a defined sport or training program

Parents and guardians

Evidence shows that parental/guardian habits and behaviours, both food and lifestyle based, influence those of their children. It is for this exact reason that educating parents/guardians is fundamental to the overall health outcomes of adolescents in today’s society. Being on the ‘same page’ with the correct information for diet and health can be supremely beneficial. This presentation can educate parents on topics such as:

  • How parents/guardians can affect their teenager’s diets
  • Modelling healthy choices
  • A balanced diet, what it is, why it is important and how to get it
  • How various foods can impact behaviour
  • Interpreting a Nutrition Panel on packet foods
  • How to manage stressful eating in your child and yourself
  • Mindful eating
  • The changing nutrient needs of teenage girls
  • Body image and eating disorder myth-busting
  • Supporting an adolescent’s nutrients through exams


Teachers have a demanding and intense workload that requires a lot of energy throughout the day. Eating appropriately can really help. Whether it’s avoiding an afternoon low or learning how to maintain a strong immune system by consuming a balanced healthy diet. We also show you how to understand eating patterns that may affect behaviour in your students. Topics can include:

  • What is a balanced diet? Why is it so important?
  • How to get a balanced diet.
  • What is energy? Foods that provide us with energy.
  • Some common energy drainers.
  • Improved immunity
  • Stress and eating
  • Beating a mid-afternoon low
  • How various foods can affect behaviour
  • Sports nutrition sessions
  • Key nutrients and their importance

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