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Online Dietitian Consultation

Remote access to your dietitian


Whether you are trying to manage a health condition, reach health goals or keep your immune system strong, good nutrition is vital. But sometimes, you may be unable to see us in person. Tree of Life Nutrition has great processes to be able to offer a comprehensive online dietitian consultation or other remote consult. You don’t need to miss out on the important dietary advice you need because of distance or isolation.

Responding to COVID-19

Considering the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak you may be looking for ways to reduce the number of appointments you attend in person. At our clinic, it’s still business as usual, and we love seeing you. However, if you don’t wish to come in, or feel unwell, you can still keep your appointment or book in a new appointment with our experienced dietitians.


An online dietitian consultation for both complex and general needs

We offer an easy online dietitian consultation process to help you with any and all diet or nutritional needs. Get access to clinical advice when you need it from our Accredited Practicing Dietitians (APD) who are also nutrition scientists. Tree of Life Nutrition has been in practice since 1993, and we have lots of experience in managing complex, challenging conditions where dietary advice is required. Plus we have plenty of tips for good general nutrition and weight management too!

If you also need an exercise prescription for weight management or chronic disease, Tree of Life have an Exercise Physiologist on staff. They are also on hand to offer remote consults when you need them.

Online appointments under a Chronic Disease Management Plan

Are you a remote, rural, or regional Australian experiencing chronic disease? We offer dietetic services via telehealth under a GP Managed Chronic Disease Management Plan. Our approach to managing chronic disease involves working with you to find tailored, meaningful solutions that you can live with long term.  If you think our services might be appropriate for you, talk to your GP. You can share our details and approach with them via our telehealth CDMP page.

Meal plans for optimal health and wellbeing

Whatever your health goals, we have the experience and skills to tailor a great meal plan to your needs. You may be looking to manage your weight, or manage a chronic disease. Or you may be hoping to establish a good general meal plan to help increase nutrient intake or to reach intended goals.  We can develop 7 day – 21 day menu plans to suit you.

How do online consults work?

Online dietitian consultations are much like regular one-on-one consults in many ways. Our standard consultation times and fees apply. Private health fund rebates also apply to online consults. Telehealth appointments for those with a Medicare Care plan are also bulk-billed.

Via telehealth, we can still see you (if we’re using video), ask questions, and can discuss your general health and progress, including any tests we may have ordered. We may assess your food diary; perform computer analysis and of course, provide our advice. We can also email you the necessary literature to support your needs or condition.

Booking is easy. You can call us on 07 3891 6199; or email us on [email protected]


The logistics of working with you online may look a little different. We may sometimes need to rely on you to provide measurements, weight and height if required. We teach you how to take these measurements. Anthropomorphic assessments can’t be done over video consult, and this is one limitation to working online. However, if we have seen you before, we can use other ways of assessing progress to be able to ascertain the trajectory of your health goals.


In times of distance or sickness, you can still get the important dietary advice you need. You don’t need to leave your house. We can also record the consult, which can come in handy when you need to remember important information later. Keeping these important appointments allows you to maintain a sense of normality. In addition, ensuring good nutrition is a vital way we can support your immune system to function as best it can. We can progress you through the next stages of your dietary intervention.