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Boost Your Immunity With Food

By May 12, 2020July 5th, 2023Nutrition Tips

Its important during times like this we are taking care of our health and our immune system. We can do this through food, still maintaining exercise, staying hydrated and getting plenty of sleep.

Here’s a list of a few nutritious foods we recommend to boost your immunity:

  • Garlic – the humble garlic has long been hailed for it’s properties. Garlic contains a variety of antioxidants, has mild antibacterial properties, reduces cholesterol, improves blood circulation and research suggests, prevention of some cancers.
  • Yoghurt – including yoghurt in your diet everyday, provides a good dose of probiotics, important for gut health, and helps boost your immunity. Try adding some berries on top, for a top-notch snack.
  • Tomatoes, red capsicum, chili and berries– the purple and red colours or pigments (anthocyanins and lycopene) of these foods function as antioxidants, which fight against oxygen’s damaging effect on body cells. They are also high in vitamins C and A, which might not cure the common cold, but do repair and regenerate tissues, thus improving immune function.
  • Spices – adds flavour to any dish, with many spices have antioxidants and antibacterial properties.

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