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The Truth About Coconut Sugar

By May 4, 2016May 9th, 2023Education
the truth about coconut sugar

Is coconut sugar a superfood? Should we be eating it in place of regular sugar? Let’s break down the truth about coconut sugar, and understand where it fits on the ‘health foods’ scale.

Let’s find out the truth about coconut sugar

Super foods, super foods, super foods! It’s been the latest trend in the health food market for the past few years but the supposed health benefits of each product are starting to come under scrutiny. Are they really super foods or is it all hype?

Marketers have taken full advantage of any supposed health benefit and exploited it to sell their products.

Coconut sugar is no exception, it’s not a super food. It isn’t sugar-free or any healthier despite health claims. In fact, the majority of health claims suggesting its nutritional benefits stem from one study in the Philippines using 10 volunteers.

coconut sugar

The coconut itself is a wholefood and has its nutritional benefits, however coconut sugar is not. The sugar is actually derived from the coconut sap, not the coconut, which is then boiled allowing the water to evaporate.

Aside from taste, there are no major benefits for substituting coconut sugar over ordinary white, brown or raw sugar. It’s not cost effective and adds very few more minerals and insulin than refined sugar.

Basically it’s slightly ‘less bad’ for you but should be in the same category as honey or agave syrup – as with all sugars – use in moderation.



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