Dietitian Recommended Products

For healthy, nutritious living

At Tree of Life Nutrition, we want to help you follow through with your dietary changes as much as possible. We stock a variety of dietitian recommended products to support your health. These are available to purchase from our main clinic at Woolloongabba.

Our supply includes a range of supplements; our latest cookbooks authored by us, Two Greek Girls Cooking; Tree of Life Nutritious Muesli, as well as a delicious menu of take-home meals which are made to order.

In addition to what you see below, we also have resources specific to any conditions, illnesses or goals we are helping you with. This might include special foods, supplements or additional health literature or lifestyle guides.

Not coming to our Gabba clinic? If we usually see you at one of our satellite clinics across Brisbane, we may be able to bring products to you. Call ahead of your appointment to see if that is possible 07 3891 6199.

dietitian recommended products

Our range of Tree of Life dietitian recommended products

supplements in the clinic


Tree of Life Nutrition stock a range of nutritionist-grade supplements to support your health. Why might you need to supplement your diet? You will find many conditions which restrict food groups or portions require supplementation. Health changes, chronic disease and conditions can be well-managed or even improved with good diet supported by the right supplementation. Supplements are intended to be used for short periods of time. All requirements can be met through a balanced diet. Supplements can only be prescribed during a consultation, but once prescribed in some cases you may be able to re-purchase through our clinic.

Call us on 07 3891 6199 to find out more.

take home meals

Take home meals

We get it, life is busy. Especially if you’re undergoing health stress or trying to wrangle a whole new way of eating. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming, right? So Tree of Life is coming to the rescue! We want to make it as easy as possible for you to eat good quality, nutritious food that suits your dietary needs. Our take-home meal options include ready-made tasty frozen meals and delicious house muesli. These are far from your ordinary take-home options, we have made sure they are full of flavour while being very good for you! These meals are low calorie for weight loss, with gluten-free, dairy-free, low carb, low Gi, sodium-reduced options available. They are the only frozen meals on the market that are Dietitian created and made and approved for most chronic health conditions.

Take home meals
mediterranean diet cookbooks two greek girls


How do you support your dietary consultations at home? By taking the dietitian with you! Over the years, we’ve provided so many recipes, cooking and shopping tips for our clients. Many clients said, “you should write a book.” Well, we had to agree. So we did. Actually, we wrote two. These are comprehensive recipe and lifestyle books to help implement a Mediterranean Diet (which is what we were always recommending to our patients anyway!) A great way to support overall health, with so many tips to really pull apart how to live the healthiest lifestyle possible.

scientific dietary analysis

Scientific Dietary Analysis

Offering you specific support for a better diet, our Scientific Dietary Analysis pulls together your lifestyle and health information and current diet. Together, we determine some key recommendations for optimal diet and nutrition based on your health goals.

Diet Analysis