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Getting The Protein You Need in a Vegetarian Diet

By February 19, 2016May 9th, 2023Education

Following a vegetarian diet can be great for your health, but is it important you are getting adequate protein into your diet. Find out how to do that.

How to get the protein you need in a vegetarian diet

vegan and vegetarian protein sources


The building blocks of protein are called amino acids. Our body can produce some of the amino acids, but other we must get from our diet.

To get all the essential amino acids from vegetarian protein options, choose from the following combinations:

  1. Quinoa – a gluten free grain that contains all the essential amino acids
  1. Buckwheat – also a gluten free baking flour alternative
  1. Chia seeds – packed full of omega 3/s and plenty of other minerals, they make a great chia pudding with fresh fruit for a breakfast option
  1. Soy products of tofu or tempeh – *quick tip: the harder the tofu the higher the protein content
  1. Rice + beans or lentils or chickpeas
  1. Beans + wholegrains e.g. hommus + pita bread OR tortilla + refried beans
  1. Nuts or seeds + wholegrains e.g. almond or peanut butter on toast
  1. Beans + nuts or seeds e.g. salad with sunflower seeds + chickpeas
  1. Eggs – if that’s a product you do include in your vegetarian diet

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