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N is for Nuts

By September 30, 2016May 9th, 2023Education, Nutrition Tips
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Nuts are a great snack idea, crunchy addition to a salad, a great toast topping when made into a spread form (e.g. peanut butter or almond brazil & cashew butter). Such a versatile food that should be in your diet, unless of course, you have an allergy!

What is it about nuts that are so great?

  • Packed full of omega 3’s à good for your brain health
  • Provide a source of protein
  • Provide a source of fibre
  • Provide some calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc & iron
  • Provide B vitamins including folate and Vitamin E
  • Provide antioxidant minerals including selenium & manganese

Nutty nutrients

nuts for health

Each nut variety contains its own unique combination of nutrients and is generally rich in a few nutrients such as:

  • Almonds: protein, calcium and vitamin E
  • Brazil nuts: fibre and selenium: just two brazil nuts a day provides 100% RDI for selenium for an adult
  • Cashews: non-haem (plant-based) iron and a low GI rating
  • Chestnuts: low GI, fibre and vitamin C (although much vitamin C is lost during cooking)
  • Hazelnuts: fibre, potassium, folate, vitamin E
  • Macadamias: highest in monounsaturated fats, thiamin and manganese
  • Pecans: fibre and antioxidants
  • Pine nuts: vitamin E and the arginine amino acid
  • Pistachios: protein, potassium, plant sterols and the antioxidant resveratrol
  • Walnuts: alpha-linoleic acid: plant omega 3 and antioxidants


While they’re packed full of goodness you do need to be mindful of your serving sizes to maintain a healthy weight & size. Keep your serving to a small handful weighing around 30g!

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