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P is for Protein

By October 28, 2016May 9th, 2023Education, Nutrition Tips

Protein: 1 of the 3 macronutrients of our diet along with carbohydrates and fats. It’s important to have an adequate intake in your diet to retain lean muscle mass and it’s important for your cells (skins, muscles, organs, hair, nails etc) as it maintains the structure, function and regulation.

Why is protein important?

Protein is also an important part of your meals as it helps to keep you fuller for longer, so if weight loss is a goal of yours than having adequate protein in your diet is important. Sneak some egg in at breakfast, greek yoghurt as a morning snack, some tinned tuna with crackers, chicken with your lunch meal, a small serving of nuts in the afternoon and a lean mince with your dinner – just some quick ideas of how to get that protein in! if you want some more individualised guidance come and see one of our dietitians!

protein breakfast

So which foods contain protein?

  • Animal meats and products e.g. chicken, beef, turkey, eggs.
  • Fish & seafood.
  • Dairy products e.g. yoghurt, milk & cheese.
  • Nuts
  • Vegetarian options such as legumes and tofu.

Protein is particularly important post-exercise to help your muscles recover so you don’t pull up as sore and are ready to work hard at the next session. Make sure you get your protein in within 30-45minutes post your session so protein synthesis can start your muscle recovery. If you do a lot of sport and/or exercise workouts and need some guidance around what to do for your recovery meals come and see us at Tree of Life Nutrition!

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