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A Day At The Ekka…

By August 9, 2016May 9th, 2023Nutrition Tips
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It’s only one day! Let’s just treat ourselves, burgers, Dagwood dogs, fairy floss, strawberry cream ice cream! After all it’s tradition. Right? The Ekka appears to definitely be a day of indulgence… Food, exhibits, rides and show bags. It is worth the trip to the Ekka! I am in agreement!
But how do we enjoy the Ekka and keep committed to mindful healthy eating. Here are my tips after my trip there today!

Tips for enjoying the Ekka while committing to mindful eating

1. Plan stress-free travel to the Ekka.

Catch a train. $6 return for adults or $3 return for kids. Dropping you right to the door. TransLink in Brisbane has this covered extremely well. Stress-free- absolutely! Very cost-effective. But for a larger family, $28 for secured day parking might be the best option. Check out Ekka website for your travel options.

 2. Have a hearty breakfast!

Be sure to start your day with a good 1-2 serves of carbohydrates and some protein. For example 1-2 slices of whole-grain sourdough and eggs, tomato, spinach and tomato. This hearty breakfast will sustain your energy levels and stop dips in energy which cause sugar cravings.

3. Walk as much as possible.

Consider getting off at Bowen hills train station and walk the extra 10 minutes to get to the Ekka. Plan the day, walking around the whole of the Ekka to see all the attractions and exhibits.

4. Stop for a coffee at morning tea.

Be sure to avoid large milky coffee drinks. Keep sizes to small and on skim milk. Preferably choose from piccolo latte, short macchiato or long black with milk added. If you need a snack, consider fruit salad offered in the fashion pavilion. Or strawberry shops offering fresh strawberries, or a scone (preferably without cream) at most other coffee shops. The gourmet precinct and Woolworth’s pavilion were my highlights with great coffee choices.

IMG_8897 IMG_8896
5. Lots of walking through all the pavilions, attractions and exhibits.

Burning calories! Plan to walk continually for 2hrs before a food break.

6. Water and more water.

Keep hydrated. Drinking water suppresses the appetite until the ‘real’ hunger emerges.

7. Lunch time….

Grab a table in the gourmet precinct, near the Ekka entertainment stage. Listen to relaxing country music and take your time, thinking about your food choices. $10-12 per meal in this precinct. Indian, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese and Australian cuisine on offer. Spirometer wines have the one glass recommendation covered:) I started with vegetarian steamed dumplings. They were fantastic! After perusing my options decided on Thai vegetarian pad stew. Was sensational also. I was certainly tempted by the vegetarian korma with roti. The relaxing music helps you take your time while eating which satiates. Try using chopsticks, makes you eat slower and with smaller mouthfuls.




8. More walking!!

9. Catch the fashion

After I got my fill of photography and art, agriculture and animals, I snuck upstairs to view the Fashion parade. We have some extremely talented fashion designers in Queensland and the fashion student categories were among my favourites. My only concern was 1-2 fashion models definitely had a BMI less than 18. Not the best role modelling for our young females. That aside the other models looked lovely and in a normal BMI.

 10. Show bag pavilion.

I personally bought vanilla and almond nougat from the Woolworths pavilion as my treat from the Ekka. I cut a slither every 2-3 days to have with my coffee. My best advice is to have a plan. Look up the show bags on the Ekka website and work out what your best option is and stick to your plan.

11. The infamous strawberry cream ice cream!

I did it to support charity! But loved every mouthful. My one indulgence for the day (I modified the ice cream and asked for no cream – they happily obliged. Yum yum yum!) 1 scoop of creamy strawberry ice cream on top of chopped strawberries with a large strawberry mounted on top. Minimal damage for an active day with otherwise very good food choices.











Mindful eating at its best.

Planned and executed well.

No deprivation, no indulgence and a lot of fun.

Enjoy your day at The Royal Queensland show…

Desi Carlos (Dietitian)
Tree of Life Nutrition.

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