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5 Simple Tips for a Happy and Healthy Festive Season

By November 29, 2017December 21st, 2020Christmas, Education, Nutrition Tips
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With the festive season upon us, it is easy to get caught up in the festivities and overindulge. To get through this time and enjoy a healthy festive season, we have come up with some tips to help. They focus on eating well, making better food choices at events and parties, and ending the year on a healthy note. All without feeling like you’ve missed out on the delicious Christmas goodies.

Here are our top tips for a healthy festive season

healthy festive season tips

1. Make the best food choices you can 

Accept that it will be more difficult than usual. Focusing on maintaining your weight, rather than trying to continue to lose it will help you have a healthy festive season. Don’t feel obliged to eat everything that is on offer at Christmas or at parties. Choose the foods you want most, and be conscious of portion sizes. Forego that extra spoonful, the second mince pie and avoid overloading your plate.

2. Fill up on the good stuff

By “good stuff”, we mean in salads, fruits, and water. Choosing to fill your stomach with foods that are full of nutrients FIRST, means you’re less likely to overeat on the “bad stuff”. Good choices include vegetable sticks, dips, seasonal fresh fruits and nuts. Water is also important. Don’t forget to drink plenty of it.

3. Start the day off right

Have a filling and protein-rich breakfast. Think baked beans or eggs on wholemeal toast, low-fat Greek yoghurt with fruit and granola, porridge made on milk etc. Having good sources of protein to start the day, with some good carbs, will fill your belly, and make it easier to prevent mindless snacking later on.

4. Keep up the activity

Exercise in the morning, before the festivities start, and before it gets too hot! Getting it out of the way first thing, you’ll feel energised for the rest of the day. Avoid the “all or nothing” mind trap, and keep up the walks or regular gym visits. Enjoy the great Australian summer, and make the most of the outdoors by participating in backyard activities like cricket, swimming or kicking a football around. On Christmas day, suggest a family walk. You’ll be burning off the calories you just are, and won’t feel anywhere near as full or guilty.

5. Keep to a regular meal pattern and never go to a function on an empty stomach

If you’re hosting a Christmas party, have plenty of low-fat snacks on offer for yourself and your guests. Try not to hover near the food, or you’ll be more likely to snack and eat too much. Remember, Christmas is one day, it’s what you do most of the time that really matters. Most importantly, relax and enjoy yourself. Make the most of spending time with your family and friends. That’s the best way to have a happy and healthy festive season.

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