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Ready Made Meals Brisbane

Healthy take home options

Don’t sacrifice health when you’re busy. Grab a nutritious and delicious ready-made meal!

When you’re busy or overwhelmed with life, you don’t have to skimp on great nutrition! Our take-home food options are also great even if you’re not a patient. It’s a no-brainer when you don’t have time to cook, but you don’t want your nutrition to suffer. Save time, save stress and eat well. We offer delicious ready-made meals from We Feed You Meals. You can order and collect this range of dietitian-approved meals from our Brisbane clinic in Woolloongabba (South Brisbane).

healthy ready made meals time saving

See our range of healthy ready made meals for Brisbane

‘We Feed You’ frozen meals for one

Get dinner sorted with our range of healthy gluten-free, low fat, lower carb, lower GI take-home meals from We Feed You.

Are you struggling to cook for dinner or lunch? We understand it is not always possible to shop, prepare and cook a healthy meal. For those times when you’re busy, or otherwise can’t cook, Tree of Life Nutrition have you covered. Offering a range of healthy yet convenient ready-made meals for Brisbane that you can pop in the freezer or the fridge for when you need them.

Select from a delectable menu of beef, chicken, lamb, fish or vegetarian dishes. We Feed You’s pre-made meals are Australian owned, are based on evidence-based nutrition and are dietitian approved. The packaging is also recyclable.

These nutritious pre-made meals are unlike anything on the market and will change your perception of frozen dinners. Meals are cooked fresh and then frozen to retain flavour, maintain nutrient quality and to avoid pumping food with preservatives or gases.

Read more about each meal below. Or download the MENU 

Beef & Bacon Stew w/ Roast Veg


red wine, rosemary, bacon, smoked paprika, carrot, fennel and more. It is served with roasted veggies and green beans.
GF, Low FODMAP, LF 383Cal/1955KJ

Beef Cottage Pie w/ Chat Potatoes


a healthier alternative to a traditional pastry packed meat pie.
GF, Low FODMAP 402Cal/2140KJ

Chicken & Sweet Potato Curry w Roasted Broccoli & Basmati Rice


Rich coconut and tomato curry, combined with velvety sweet
potato and a generous serve of tender chicken breast.
GF, Low FODMAP 409Cal/1710KJ

Beef w/ Roast Potatoes, Mustard Green Vegetables & Almonds


Slow cooked lean beef with thyme, parsley, garlic olive oil and dry
white wine. Includes spinach, broccoli and green beans.
GF, Low FODMAP, LF 461Cal/1930KJ

Moroccan Chicken with Quinoa, Green Olives, Tomato & Lemon


Chicken braised in delicious Moroccan Spices and tomatoes, and
paired with Quinoa, Sumac, Green Olives and Preserved Lemon.
GF, Low FODMAP, LF, Diabetic Friendly 378Cal/1581KJ

Lemon & Ginger Chicken with Kale, Zucchini & Brown Rice


Chicken breast braised in plenty of ginger, soy and lemon, giving this
simple and complete dish lots of flavour.
GF, Low FODMAP, LF, Diabetic Friendly 352Cal/1456KJ

Chicken and Green Vegetables with Rice Noodles and Peanuts


Lean chicken breast, Bok choy, kale and roasted broccoli.
GF, Low FODMAP, LF 348Cal/1545KJ

Fish in Tomato, Basil & Green Olive Sauce w/ Roast Potatoes


Fresh Blue Grenadier served with roasted chat potatoes, cherry
tomatoes and carrots plus spinach and parsley.
GF, Low FODMAP, LF, Diabetic Friendly 281Cal/1174KJ

Ginger Tofu with Red Capsicum, Bok Choy and Vermicelli Noodles


traditional Asian Slow roasted tofu served with red capsicum,
julienne carrots, Bok choy and noodles.
GF, Low FODMAP, LF, V, VE 349Cal/1461KJ

Symbol Keys:

GF: Gluten Free
LF: Lactose Free
V: Vegetarian
VE: Vegan

Download the MENU

Tree of Life Muesli

Tree of Life Muesli is a smart and healthy breakfast option that will keep you satisfied for longer. For the perfect breakfast choice, add low-fat Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit.

Why is this the breakfast of champions?

Tree of Life muesli is a nutritious and delicious breakfast cereal. Ditch those sugar-laden cereals, because Tree of Life is dedicated to helping you start the day right. Our Principal Dietitian Desi, Desi Carlos developed a tasty breakfast muesli. We offer the chance to buy online and have your muesli delivered to your home. No need to go without your range of fibre-rich muesli, which is seriously good!

What’s in our muesli?

Tree of Life Muesli is full of wonderful ingredients and has NO artificial stuff you don’t need – it’s preservative-free and additive-free! It’s also packed with whole grains and oats (which are great to help lower cholesterol) and a special mix of healthy and tasty ingredients. That’s why we call it our breakfast of champions!

Starting the day with a low GI, high fibre, reduced-sodium, reduced-fat and saturated fat cereal is a great idea. Especially when it also contains lots of wonderful omega 3 and 6 and antioxidants. High-fibre foods are great for your digestive tract, and can also help you feel fuller for longer. This Dietitian-formulated cereal also ticks all the boxes when it comes to good taste. So why wouldn’t you want to start every morning this way?

Serving suggestions

Pair this delicious muesli with your favourite Greek Yoghurt for added protein and satiation. Slice some seasonal fruit – maybe some banana, apple or stone fruit as well. Instead of yoghurt, add your favourite milk. Want an easy and healthy dessert? Try sprinkling Tree of Life Muesli over yoghurt, whipped ricotta, or a fruit compote. It will add that extra fibre and crunch!

tree of life muesli
Tree of Life Muesli

Tree of Life Muesli


1 kg pack

Order and collect in the clinic!

How do I order and collect your ready-made meals and muesli?

To order our healthy ready-made meals in Brisbane, you can fill out our order form below. Once we receive your order, we will call you to arrange a time to collect and you can pay when you pick up!

If you have questions or would like to order offline, no problem. Simply call us on 07 3891 6199 during clinic hours, or email us on [email protected]

    Tree of Life MuesliBeef & Bacon Stew w/ Roast VegBeef Cottage Pie w/ Chat PotatoesChicken & Sweet Potato Curry w Roasted Broccoli & Basmati RiceBeef w/ Roast Potatoes, Mustard Green Vegetables & AlmondsMoroccan Chicken with Quinoa, Green Olives, Tomato & LemonLemon & Ginger Chicken with Kale, Zucchini & Brown RiceChicken and Green Vegetables with Rice Noodles and PeanutsFish in Tomato, Basil & Green Olive Sauce w/ Roast PotatoesGinger Tofu with Red Capsicum, Bok Choy and Vermicelli Noodles