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Healthy take home options

Don’t sacrifice health when you’re busy! Grab our nutritious and delicious convenience meals

At Tree of Life Nutrition, we have put our years of experience into helping you manage your dietary needs. You can order and collect a range of healthy ready-made meals at our Brisbane clinic in Woolloongabba (South Brisbane). This service is really handy for our patients to help them on the right track with eating well, especially when busy or overwhelmed with other things. Our take-home food options are also great even if you’re not a patient. It’s a no-brainer when life has got you busy and you don’t want your nutrition to suffer. Save time, save stress and eat well.

Be confident you’re getting the best quality food

Tree of Life Nutrition has a range of single portion frozen meals as well as muesli. The menu has been carefully prepared by Desi Carlos, founder of Tree of Life Nutrition. Desi is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian with over 27 years of experience in helping people manage their health through nutrition. The best part is, not only are our meals good for you, but they taste good too! At Tree of Life Nutrition, we believe that part is so important when it comes to healthy food.

ready made meals brisbane

See our range of healthy ready made meals for Brisbane

Frozen meals for one

Select from a delectable menu of beef, chicken, lamb, fish or vegetarian dishes. Tree of Life’s nutritious pre-made meals are unlike anything on the market and will change your perception of frozen dinners. Our meals are snap frozen and packaged airtight. This retains all the freshness of flavours. See our range of healthy gluten-free, low fat, lower carb, lower GI take-home meals:

Braised Beef with Balsamic Glaze G1


Gently braised beef, finished with a balsamic reduction, rested
on sweet potato mash and served with seasonal vegetables.
LF, GF, LC, Gi, LaF, D, RS 270Cal / 1131kJ

Braised Beef with Dianne Sauce G2


Beef fillet rested on pontiac potato, beans & carrots finished
with a dianne sauce.
LF, GF, LC, D, RS , Gi, LaF 280Cal / 1169kJ

Chicken Ratatouille with Roasted Potato G3


Chicken breast served with pontiac potato accompanied with
tomato infused vegetables.
LF, GF, D, RS, LC, Gi, LaF 267Cal / 1116kJ

Chicken Cacciatore G4


Tender chicken breast served with potato mash, classic
Italian sauce and black olives.
GF, LC, Gi, LaF, D, RS, RF 288Cal / 1202kJ

Moroccan Lamb Curry G5


Succulent lamb pieces marinated in a mild coconut curry sauce
atop basmati rice.
LF, Gi, LaF, D, RS , GF 395Cal / 1667kJ

Braised Lamb, Roasted Pumpkin and Feta G6


Braised lamb topped with roasted pumpkin and feta.
Served with seasonal vegetables.
LF, GF, LC, Gi, LaF, RS 265Cal / 1106kJ

Pan Seared Pork with Pear & Fig G7


Pan-seared pork accompanied by a pear and fig reduction.
Served with seasonal vegetables.
LF, GF, LC, Gi, LaF, D, RS 280Cal / 1175kJ

Thai Green Pork Curry G8


Mild Thai Green curry pork pieces atop a coconut and sultana
basmati rice finished by a yoghurt reduction.
LF, GF, Gi, LaF, RS 426Cal / 1781kJ

Barramundi with Caramelised Leek & Lime G10


Panned barramundi fillet with a caramelised leek and lime sauce.
LF, GF, LC, Gi, RS, LaF 330Cal / 1383kJ

Spinach & Ricotta Tortellini with Napolitana Sauce G11


Tortellini filled with spinach and ricotta tossed in a Napoletana sauce.
LF, Gi, RS, V 345Cal / 1445kJ

Symbol Keys:
GF: Gluten Free (No detectable Gluten)
Gi: Low Gi (Low Glycaemic index foods present in meal)
LC: Lower Carbs (Less than 20g of carbohydrate per serve of food)
LF: Low Fat (Up to 3g of fat per 100g of food)

RF: Reduced Fat (Up to 10g of fat per 100g of food)
LaF: Lactose Free (No detectable lactose)
D: Dairy Free (Free from all dairy products)
RS: Reduced Salt (Less than 300mg per 100g serve)
V: Vegetarian (Free from red meat, fish & poultry meat. Dairy & egg may be used)

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Tree of Life Muesli

Desi has developed a gorgeous Muesli that tastes amazing and has all the good stuff too! Tree of Life Muesli is a smart and healthy breakfast option that will keep you satisfied for longer. For the perfect breakfast choice, add low-fat Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit.

Why is this the breakfast of champions?

Our Muesli is so tasty and is jam-packed with all the good stuff, and none of those nasties you don’t need. It contains whole grains and oats (which are great to help lower cholesterol) and a secret blend of super delicious ingredients to help you start your day off on the right foot. Lower GI, high fibre, reduced fat and saturated fat, reduced sugar, high in omega 3 & omega 6, high in antioxidants, low sodium, no artificial preservatives or additives.

Tree of Life Muesli


1 kg pack
tree of life muesli

How do I order and collect your ready-made meals?

To order our healthy ready-made meals in Brisbane, you can fill out our order form below. Once we receive your order, we will call you to arrange a time to collect and you can pay when you pick up!

If you have questions or would like to order offline, no problem. Simply call us on 07 3891 6199 during clinic hours, or email us on [email protected]

    Tree of Life MuesliG1 Braised Beef with Balsamic GlazeG2 Braised Beef with Dianne SauceG3 Chicken Ratatouille with Roasted PotatoG4 Chicken CacciatoreG5 Moroccan Lamb CurryG6 Braised Lamb, Roasted Pumpkin and FetaG7 Pan-Seared Pork with Pear & FigG8 Thai Green Pork CurryG10 Barramundi with Caramelised Leek & LimeG11 Spinach & Ricotta Tortellini with Napolitana Sauce