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Smart Snack Solutions

By February 11, 2016May 9th, 2023Nutrition Tips
smart snack solutions

Everyone is now back into their routine, the work schedule begins again, kids are back at school, uni is about to start back and life is busy! It’s sometimes hard to think on the spot of a nutritious snack for morning tea or afternoon tea so often we choose something like chocolate or chips because they’re convenient and are everywhere!

The following list provides 10 healthier snack ideas to get you through the day, whether that be during the week or on the weekend.

10 smart snack solutions for better health

  1. Vegetable Sticks + Dip (hommus, tzatziki)
  1. Wholegrain crackers + cheese
  1. Rice cakes + cottage cheese + tomato
  1. Sliced apple + nut butter (100% almond or peanut butter)
  1. Natural yoghurt + fruit salad
  1. Boiled eggs + spinach + avocado on crackers
  1. Celery sticks + peanut butter
  1. Tin tuna + wholegrain crackers
  1. Yoghurt + 30g mixed nuts (e.g. trail mix or almonds)
  1. Homemade sweet potato chips + natural yoghurt

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