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Desi Carlos, Dietitian

Desi Carlos, Dietitian & Nutritionist

BAppSc (Micro & Biochem) Grad Dip Nutr & Diet APD AN

Desi Carlos is a Functional/Integrative Dietitian, who has been a leader in nutrition since 1993 as Principal Dietitian and Founder of Tree of Life Nutrition in Brisbane. Desi has helped thousands of patients through one on one nutrition consultations, education, research, public speaking and media appearances. Passionate about the scientifically-backed Mediterranean Diet, she has co-authored two recipe and lifestyle books on the subject. Desi believes the Mediterranean Diet is key to prevent and manage chronic disease and generally “eat well, feel good and look great.”

With considerable experience in the field of gastrointestinal nutrition, Desi has a special interest in and passion for gut microbiome health. She was resident dietitian and media spokesperson for the The Queensland Coeliac Society for 15 years. Desi is also an accomplished women’s health and fertility dietitian and is the resident dietitian at Vera Women’s Wellness and preferred consultant dietitian at Eve Health. With a special interest in endometriosis pain management, PCOS,  preconception and conception fertility, as well as nutrition during stages of menopause. In addition, she is passionate about nutritional intervention and pain management for autoimmune diseases, including for thyroid issues.

Desi holds a Bachelor of Applied Science, majoring in Biochemistry and Microbiology and a Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics. She has also completed the Microba Insights Course in gut microbiome health, is Monash University FODMAP Certified and is certified with Nutrition Plus as a Fertility Dietitian.

desi carlos dietitian and nutritionist

Desi’s special interest areas:

  • Gastrointestinal disorders and bowel health, including IBS, allergies, food intolerances (FODMAPs and Microba Insights and Co-Biome trained and certified)
  • Coeliac disease (expert dietitian for the The Queensland Coeliac Society, media spokesperson for 15 years)
  • Women’s health including endometriosis, PCOS, menopause, treatment of IBS with nutrition for gut health (resident dietitian at Vera Women’s Wellness and preferred consultant dietitian at Eve Health)
  • Fertility (Nutrition Plus certified fertility dietitian. Resident dietitian at Vera Women’s Wellness and preferred consultant dietitian at Eve Health)
  • Nutritional intervention and pain management for autoimmune disease (including thyroid)
  • Chronic disease, weight, cholesterol and diabetes management
  • The Mediterranean Diet
desi carlos dietitian speaking at gluten free expo

An experienced and passionate gut health dietitian

With a microbiology background and training in The Microba Insights Course, Desi has a unique and effective treatment plan for improving the balance of the gut microbiome. Desi is also Monash University FODMAP Certified. She is sought after for her experience in nutrition for gastrointestinal disorders and bowel health, including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), allergies, food intolerances (FODMAPs, Microba Insights and Co-Biome trained and certified).

A healthy microbiome allows for improved immunity, improved mental health and decreased inflammation. The Mediterranean Diet supplies both the pre and probiotics required to keep this improved gut microbiome healthy. Desi’s nutritional expertise in both finds the perfect balance to treat autoimmune and inflammatory conditions lending itself heavily to better health outcomes and fulfilling her motto of eat well, look good, FEEL GREAT!

A leading dietitian for women’s reproductive health and fertility

Desi is a leading dietitian for women’s health and fertility. She is a resident dietitian for Vera Women’s Wellness, and consulting dietitian for Eve Health. These are prominent women’s health clinics in Brisbane.


Desi focuses on the nutritional management of fertility and obstetrics – and is a Nutrition Plus certified fertility dietitian. She holds particular experience in the following interest areas around preconception and conception nutrition:

  • Optimising egg & sperm health
  • Restoring menstrual cyclicity
  • Assisting with ovulatory dysfunction
  • Increasing implantation rate
  • Falling pregnant with endometriosis, adenomyosis, PCOS and coeliac disease
  • Nutrition therapy to support Assisted Reproductive Processes

Desi is also experienced in gestational diabetes management support.

Women’s reproductive health

Her considerable experience in women’s health nutrition includes PCOS, menopause, and in particular, endometriosis support. She presents and consults on topics relating to:

  • Pain management of endometriosis using the anti-inflammatory diet
  • Improved gut health
  • Identifying food intolerances.
  • Treatment of IBS with nutrition for gut health

Author, educator and Mediterranean Diet Dietitian

Desi is a co-author of  The Mediterranean Diet – the Lifestyle of Eating and ’‘Mediterranean Eating Cook.Eat.Live.As a champion for the Mediterranean Diet, you will see her frequently offering lectures and cooking demonstrations on the nutrition science that encompasses Cooking Mediterranean: Eating Well: Living Long. Desi can also incorporate those principles of the Mediterranean Diet into the patient’s current eating practices. This offers an enjoyable, sustainable and culturally-rich guide to Mediterranean eating.

Desi’s message is simple; “eat well, feel good, look great!” With this philosophy and wealth of industry experience, Desi has helped thousands of people rediscover themselves with increased confidence and self-esteem. Desi’s mission is to share her passion for healthy living and take the Tree of Life Nutrition message to as many people as possible.

desi carlos at a mediterranean cooking demonstration

Featured in


Desi is an accomplished speaker, having delivered many lectures on a range of topics on corporate health, school nutrition, the Mediterranean diet, chronic disease, women’s health and fertility and of course on gut health. She has spoken for many years at the Gluten Free Expo, and has recently spoken at the Vera Womens Wisdom Summit on the Mediterranean diet as an anti-inflammatory diet for pelvic pain. She has also co-hosted Brisbane’s Mediterranean Diet Expo (2018 and 2019).

Media and Publications

Desi has appeared on 97.3FM and was the resident dietitian for Robin, Terry & Bob for many years. She has also appeared on Channel 7, 9 and 10 News, the Courier Mail, The Hellenic Odyssey, West End Magazine and more.

She is also widely published in journals and magazines.

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