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Nutritionist Services

What we do

Tree of Life Nutrition has been in practice in Brisbane since 1993. With a wealth of experience, our nutritionist services include expertise in dietetics, nutrition science and exercise physiology. Our team are leaders in food advocacy. We provide services, advice and information to individual patients; corporate groups; medical professionals; the media; schools; the general public and the hospitality industry.

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What makes our nutritionist services the best?


Our dietitians are Accredited Practising Dietitians (APD) and Accredited Nutritionists (AN). We are also nutrition scientists with further study in nutrition, biochemistry, microbiology and health science. Tree of Life Nutrition was one of Brisbane’s first private practices, established in 1993.


When it comes to health and diet, you need to know our suggestions are science-derived; sensible and backed by experience in the field. We have tested what we have learnt in theory and continual professional development over many years in research and practice.


All Australians deserve to eat well, feel good and look great! We passionately advocate for the education and promotion of healthy eating across Australia. It is our mission to teach everyone how easy it is to shop, cook and eat nutritious food, and do that in a fun and engaging way!


For a diet to be sustainable, it should work with, not against your lifestyle. To be inclusive, not restrictive, inspiring not boring. It must embrace family life, work limitations and other commitments. We help you make dietary changes which are realistic for your lifestyle.

See the variety of ways you can work with us

One on one nutritional support

Individual Consults

For any general or specific need, our accredited dietitians can work with you to achieve optimal nutrition in a caring, inspiring setting. We lend our years of experience in research and clinical practice to help with a range of issues. Our specialties include gut microbiome health, IBS and allergies, food intolerances, women’s health issues, including fertility, endometriosis and PCOS, weight loss, bariatric surgery, diabetes, cholesterol-lowering, eating disorders, adolescent nutrition, coeliac disease, and more.

Individual consultations

Online Consults

If you are looking to find an experienced practitioner who offers online dietitian services, we can help. We have great processes to offer remote consultations if you are isolated by illness or distance. Most of our usual in-clinic procedures can be rolled out in a remote setting. If you are isolated for any reason, you should still have access to the very best, personalised nutritionist services. That’s why we are available over telehealth, phone or email when you need us. We also offer telehealth for rural patients under a Chronic Disease Management Plan.

Online dietitian consultation

Online Meal Planning

Want a great meal plan tailored perfectly to your unique needs? Let’s get your meal plan achieved online! Our nutritionists work with individuals all over the country to develop and stick to healthy meal plans. We are experts at planning menus for a variety of conditions and nutritional requirements. We make it all work for families too! Wherever you are, you can benefit from our decades of experience in meal planning through a really easy process which works well remotely.

Online meal planning

Business and group

Corporate Seminars

Are you a business or organisation looking to advocate for better nutrition and health for your staff or members? We have vast experience in delivering successful corporate seminars on diet and nutrition. Our nutritionist-led corporate seminars are educational and very engaging. Topics can include balancing the plate, eating habits, eating out and entertaining, cooking demonstrations and more.

Corporate seminars

Menu Analysis

We have worked with a variety of organisations within the hospitality industry on their menu development since 1993. Our dietitians work closely with restaurants, food producers, hospitality and catering companies in Brisbane and across Australia. We can provide advice to develop healthy menus, analyse menu items and help educate consumers on nutrition information.

Menu analysis

School Seminars

We offer our Lettuce Eat nutrition programs to secondary schools across Brisbane. Lettuce Eat is evidence-based guidance and support to help teenagers develop a healthy relationship with food, for life. The program is tailored to Year 11 & 12 students attending Girls’ Schools, Boys’ Schools and Co-Educational environments. We also offer Sports Nutrition programs and seminars for parents, guardians and teachers.

School seminars

Mediterranean Nutrition

Tree of Life Nutrition’s Desi Carlos is an experienced Mediterranean Dietitian. She is a published author, speaker and expert on the Mediterranean Diet for optimal health and longevity.

Follow the Med. Diet

The Mediterranean Diet is one of the few scientifically proven diets which is optimal for health, wellbeing and long life. We have years of experience in teaching our patients how to cook, eat and live the Mediterranean way. Desi is also Greek-Australian and has a treasure trove of recipes, plans, cooking and shopping tips. Along with her vast dietetic experience, she can adapt all of this to your individual needs

Learn more about the Med Diet

Nourish Workshops

Our small group nutrition workshops help you to implement beneficial lifestyle changes around healthy eating – in real-time. We believe the Mediterranean Diet is a great way to generally eat well and prevent chronic disease. With that in mind, we can take you on a supermarket tour, bust diet myths, promote evidence-based eating habits and take you through a cooking demonstration. There is always something different and exciting.

Nutrition workshops

Grocery Tours

Take the dietitian shopping with you and change the way you shop forever! We offer two styles of supermarket tour to help you on the road to success. A Mediterranean deli tour, and a general supermarket tour.

A great diet begins (and ends) at the supermarket. Let us show you how easy it is to shop well.

Supermarket tours