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Eating Out Guide

By April 23, 2016May 9th, 2023Nutrition Tips

Our top healthy tips for eating out!

Eating out shouldn’t be an excuse for unhealthy eating, nor should it come as a burden for those watching their weight. Follow our tips to enjoy eating out whilst still feeling satisfied.

eating out guide restaurant

  1. Check the menu beforehand – that way you know exactly what to order and what dietary adjustments you can make.
  2. Skip the bread basket – instead order a salad to share or as an entrée to fill you up and help you reach your 5 serves of veggies for the day. Great way to ensure you don’t over eat with the main course.
  3. Ask for it your way – ask for poached eggs or grilled fish instead of fried. Instead of chips, opt for salad or veggies.
  4. Watch out for low-carb options – they aren’t always low in calories, they are often higher in fat
  5. Sneaky salads – stereotypically salads would be the go-to for people watching their weight however they can be laden with calories when you factor in creamy dressings, bacon bits and fried noodles. Instead ask for dressing on the side or for a simple balsamic and olive oil vinaigrette and skip the fried extras.
  6. Meats – opt for grilled fish or leaner meats such as kangaroo or turkey.
  7. If you want to indulge in a ‘cheat’ meal – ask for it entrée size instead of main. That way you can enjoy your favourite treat without feeling too full or guilty afterwards.
  8. Drink water regularly throughout the meal to help digest and keep you full.
  9. Skip dessert or go for something light and fresh like a fruit platter or a scoop of sorbet.

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