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Private Supermarket Tours

How do you choose the right food brands? Is this really gluten-free? What were the numbers I had to avoid again? If you need help in the supermarket aisle, then our Private Supermarket Tours are coming to your rescue! Take a Dietitian guided shopping expedition all about you.

Our Private Supermarket Tours are one-on-one food shopping tours for Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. Tree of Life Nutrition offers two kinds of shopping experiences, a general supermarket tour or a Greek Deli tour. We meet you at your local supermarket (or our favourite Greek Deli) and be that little angel on your shoulder empowering you to make the right decisions. Finally get that diet plan working seamlessly, by taking the Dietitian shopping with you!

A recent survey* found that unhealthy food was more likely to have a prominent shelf place, be on special, and be placed right where you’re waiting in line at exit. No wonder we all have trouble avoiding junk food, despite our best intentions! Add to that, the difficulties of buying for your specific dietary needs, and it can be a minefield. But it doesn’t have to be.

Here’s how we can help:

Our tours

Grocery store tour

Take our grocery store tour and shop like a boss! We offer a 1-hour Dietitian-guided walkthrough of your local supermarket. We teach you to:

  • Become a more informed shopper!
  • Select the best seasonal produce
  • Learn how to read nutrition labels to understand a product’s fat, carb, sugar, sodium and fibre content.
  • Decide between different products
  • Understand how to verify a brand’s health claims
  • Learn how to select the items that best suit you.
  • Make better choices in the convenience foods aisle
  • Find suitable or better alternatives to what you currently buy where we can
  • How to shop smartly and save money
  • Tailor your shop to your unique nutritional prescription.

Give us a call to book in a tour at a supermarket near you!


Greek deli tour

Want to implement the Mediterranean Diet, but no idea where to start?  Our Greek deli tour is 1 hour of Dietitian-guided shopping.  You will:

  • Meet us at our favourite local Greek Deli in West End, Brisbane.
  • Learn from experts in the Med Diet (and Australian-Greeks).
  • Start the right way with this delicious and scientifically-backed lifestyle and diet.
  • Enjoy the Mediterranean flavours to the fullest, and take your new lifestyle to the next level!
  • Expand your product knowledge specifically for the Mediterranean Diet
  • Find products that aren’t available in your local supermarket
  • Learn healthy Mediterranean ‘swaps’ for commonly bought foods
  • Get practical information and product recommendations galore!
  • Shop specifically for your unique needs and preferences

Call us to take in a whole new world of shopping…and eating!


Are your Private Supermarket Tours for me?

Our private supermarket tours are ideal for those who are:

  • Undergoing an elimination diet. Want to be 100% sure something didn’t sneak in there that shouldn’t have? An elimination diet can be an intense process, and we want to help reduce the overwhelm. Take us shopping with you. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Newly diagnosed with a disease or condition requiring a specialised diet. If you’ve just been diagnosed with coeliac disease, allergies, intolerances, diabetes or a heart condition, you might be in panic mode right now. “I know what I can’t eat, but what does that look like in my trolley?” These tours are about education. We’re helping you find the right brands, learn to read the labels, and how to create a great shopping experience you look forward to from here on in. We help you relax and feel in control of your new regime.
  • Following a new diet. Want some help shopping for Low FODMAPS foods? Have we asked you to follow an anti-inflammatory diet? Or perhaps you’re looking to implement the Mediterranean Diet for heart health, reducing diabetes risk or simply to lose weight? We have lots of experience in shopping for these diets and putting together a week’s worth of groceries you’ll look forward to unpacking.
  • Looking to lose or gain weight sensibly and healthily. As part of the process of losing or gaining weight, we may suggest this service to help revamp your shopping habits. This is not about putting you on notice or making you feel bad. It’s really about taking your hand and helping you with this difficult part of the process. To give you a head start in the right direction, with a friendly Dietitian who cares, understands your needs and is eager to help you reach your goals.


  • Standard tours $200.00
  • NDIS clients $193.99

Let’s go shopping!

To book simply call or email us and we can book in a time which suits you.