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How to Navigate the Christmas Party Season

By December 9, 2020May 8th, 2024Christmas

3 things usually come to mind when you think of Christmas party season… food, booze and more food. These parties can be tricky to navigate when you have been working hard all year to achieve your health goals. You don’t have to wait until New Years to start improving your health and lifestyle, get started and control your weight over Christmas. Hit the ground running and speak to a Tree of Life Dietitian about how you can enjoy Christmas festivities without feeling restricted. Here are some tips to help you keep up your healthy habits without feeling like your missing out.

Tips for Controlling Holiday Binge Eating At Parties

Take 10 before taking seconds:
It takes time for your stomach’s ‘hey I’m full!’ signal to reach your brain. Take 10 minutes to have a chat with someone, drink some water and then re-evaluate your appetite.

Distance makes the heart grow healthy:
Standing or even chatting next to the food table or near platters tempts you to keep grabbing food and promotes mindless eating. Chewing gum before or after the main meal is served can help to prevent excess snacking

Avoid alcohol on an empty stomach:
Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach increases your appetite and increases your chances of mindlessly eating

How To Choose Healthy Options

Cook from the heart and for the heart!
Swap out recipes that use excess butter, lard, creams, coconut oils and vegetable shortening for extra virgin olive oil and other healthier alternatives.

Same foods, cooked differently:
The way a food is prepared can have a significant effect on how many calories it contains. Swap fried foods with baked, grilled or steamed alternatives.

Choose lean meats:
Turkey, fish, chicken and prawns are examples of lean meats that typically make an appearance at Christmas parties.

Dietitian Approved Alcoholic Drink Ideas

Red Wine:
Red wine contains antioxidants which help fight off inflammation and reduce the risk of diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular disease. Choose good quality wine and enjoy each glass slowly.

Lime Vodka Seltzer:
Seltzer, a lower calorie and sugar alternative to tonic water, goes great with vodka and a squeeze of lime.

Light Beer:
Light beers tend to contain fewer calories than traditional brews. The lighter the better!

Portion Sizes – How To Stop Overindulging

ith food in abundance and a culture of Christmas overeating, it’s important to keep an eye on our portion sizes.

The amount of food you put on your plate can significantly influence the amount of calories you consume so being mindful about portions can help you stick to your goals.

A good way to be aware of how much food you’re putting on your plate is to use smaller plates. This stops you from filling up a large plate with big portions.

You can also use your plate as a tool to work out if you have a balanced meal. Ensure roughly half a plate is salad or vegetables, a quarter of a plate is meat and the last quarter is carbohydrates such as breads and potatoes. Allow for half a tablespoon of fats such as gravies, sauces, butter/oil or cheese.

Stay on Track,  Avoid the New Years Guilt

Let us help you stay on track! Don’t hold off for New Year’s resolutions to get back on track, speak to a Tree of Life Dietitian to develop a Christmas plan of attack from now. We believe you can still participate in all the joys of the holiday season without feeling restricted or undoing all the good work from during the year. It’s so important to come see your dietitian both before and after the holiday season to keep your healthy habits going during this period. Book both your pre and post-Christmas appointments now using our online booking system, it only takes 5 minutes!

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