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Corporate Nutrition Seminars

Workplace nutrition seminars and cooking demonstrations in Brisbane.

Tree of Life Nutrition’s Accredited Practising Dietitians offer engaging nutrition seminars and inspiring cooking demonstrations for your Brisbane workplace.

  • Are you passionate about fostering a culture of wellbeing and healthy living within your workplace?
  • Looking for professional development opportunities your employees can apply both in and out of the work environment?
  • Want to reduce sickness-related absences & boost productivity?

It all starts and ends with good food, and great nutrition! Tree of Life Nutrition’s workplace/corporate nutrition seminars use evidence-based therapies to help your employees improve their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Promoting and supporting workplace nutrition has a positive impact on every employee.

workplace or corporate nutrition seminars

“ Eleni lead our whole school staff on a food journey as part of our professional development. She talked about practical alternatives for cooking, demonstrated, cooked and shared food with staff to inspire them. Eleni was so knowledgeable and answered questions across the session all whilst smiling. Thank you Eleni for your time and expertise it was a fantastic afternoon and one I would highly recommend.”

Matthew Beacroft
Principal, Our Lady of the Angels

Helping your workplace eat well, fuel productivity and boost wellbeing.

  • Insights from the Experts. Engage with certified and actively practising dietitians to gain invaluable knowledge on nutrition, fostering a healthier work environment.
  • Tangible Skills. Empower your staff with practical, hands-on cooking demonstrations, teaching essential culinary skills for a lifetime of healthy choices.
  • Customised Workshops. Sessions are tailored to address specific needs.

Our programs offer sensible, evidence-based advice about how to eat well, taught by Accredited Practising Dietitians.

How can corporate nutrition seminars benefit your staff?

Deepen nutritional knowledge

🍏 Improving mental health and focus
🍏 Gut Health
🍏 Optimising immune health
🍏 Weight management
🍏 Mediterranean Diet
🍏 Wellbeing & preventing chronic diseases

Hands-on inspiration and advice

🍏 Work lunches
🍏 Mindful Eating, controlling stress-related eating
🍏 Dinner meal inspiration
🍏 Balanced and energising snacks for on-the-run
🍏 Healthy food for a busy lifestyle.
🍏 Supermarket shopping tips

Pricing and packages

Masterclass + Cooking DemonstrationDuration 2 hours

$ 55

Per Person + Grocery Fee
  • Presentation customised to your workplace needs featuring practical tips, tricks and fueled by the latest scientific evidence.
  • Cooking demonstration showcasing 4-5 simple, practical recipes including lunch and dinner ideas.
  • Taste testing and sampling for all attendees
  • Each attendee will receive e-book with recipes cooked, bonus recipes & nutrition information
  • Travel fees may apply
  • Minimum spend $750

Masterclass OnlyDuration 1 hour

$ 35

Per Person
  • Presentation customised to your workplace needs featuring practical tips, tricks and fueled by the latest scientific evidence.
  • Travel fees may apply
  • Minimum spend $650

Interested in more information?

Reach out to us for a confidential chat about your school’s needs on +617 3891 6199 or fill out the form below.

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