The Mediterranean Diet: The Lifestyle of Eating (Paperback Hard-Copy)




The Mediterranean Diet: The Lifestyle of Eating Book (Paperback Hard-Copy)

The Mediterranean Diet: The Lifestyle of Eating: Paperback Edition, by Two Greek Girls.

This stunning coffee table and recipe book The Mediterranean Diet: The Lifestyle of Eating is a true celebration of Mediterranean eating and living. In this follow up to Two Greek Girls’ first cookbook Mediterranean Eating, we explain just why the Mediterranean Diet is so good for you with extensive interviews from the health experts. We also give you more wonderful recipes, more beautiful and delicious ways to enjoy Mediterranean culture and cuisine. This book is co-authored by Tree of Life Nutrition’s Desi Carlos. Desi brings her wealth of dietetics experience and Greek heritage into the pages of this cookbook and lifestyle guide. Enjoy on its own, or as a great accompaniment to our first book, with all-new recipes within the pages.

Have you wanted to understand how to incorporate the Mediterranean Diet into your family’s eating plan? Or has your doctor or specialist suggested you try this diet as a treatment for your health condition? Perhaps for weight loss, for your cholesterol, blood pressure, arthritis, heart issues, diabetes or liver issue? This is the ultimate guide on how to do the Med Diet right!

More than a cookbook, this is a healthy life plan

The Mediterranean Diet: The Lifestyle of Eating considers our busy modern lifestyle, and offers a huge range of meals that are easy to prepare, and even easier to eat! Our recipes are based on quality whole ingredients and include common fridge and pantry staples. We also offer inspiration for adopting a Mediterranean way of life, which goes beyond food. It’s about the experience of family, of sharing and enjoying tastes and a variety of foods. Food is a celebration, and it is always a mindful experience.

Apart from our recipes, we also show you how to shop Mediterranean; as well as how to ascertain the correct nutritional balance based on the Mediterranean Food Pyramid. Refer back to our book whenever you need to in the early stages of implementing this diet into your life, or when you need inspiration.

Expert perspective

We collaborated with a team of passionate health and food professionals to offer their perspective on living Mediterranean. From medicine to psychology, exercise and nutrition science, they offer viewpoints on the Mediterranean Diet benefits for general health right through to chronic disease management.

What’s inside?

  • Delicious recipes from breakfasts to desserts, which celebrate a Mediterranean diet in the best way, all carefully analysed.
  • We include kilojoule, protein, carbohydrate, sugar, fat, saturated fat, sodium and fibre content for each recipe as well as allergy information.
  • Interviews with renowned health experts who explain the science behind the Mediterranean Diet
  • Contributed recipes from an award-winning chef
  • Mediterranean Food Pyramid – get balanced nutritional guidance
  • Mediterranean Food Shopping list – implement a healthy and cost-effective pantry
  • How to read food labels
  • Stunning images showcase the best of Mediterranean food and culture through this book’s 196 pages. You truly will be inspired to embrace all that this food and lifestyle culture have to offer.
  • And so much more!

Hard Copy (Paperback), 196 pages

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