Mediterranean Eating Cookbook (eBook) + 2000 Calorie Plan


Enjoy an eBook version of our Mediterranean Eating cookbook by Two Greek Girls featuring a 2000 calorie meal plan (weight management in men and highly active women).

Mediterranean Eating: Cook, Eat, Live is a great introduction to the Mediterranean Diet and lifestyle for health and wellbeing. This eBook version offers recipes, anecdotes and research, plus a 2000 calorie per day meal plan. This is a good maintenance level for both men and women to ensure you look great, manage your weight and eat for optimal longevity. Mediterranean Eating was co-authored by Desi Carlos, our Principal Dietitian at Tree of Life Nutrition.

The 2000 calorie meal plan is a well balanced, long term meal plan for men and highly active women, with a range of delicious meal options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.



A great way to learn how to cook, eat and live on a Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Eating is such a popular cookbook because it’s so much more than just recipes. As Accredited Dietitians, we apply the science of the Mediterranean Diet and share that with you within the pages of this book. We also share our wonderful Greek-Australian culture with you, which our readers tell us is so very inspiring! Along with some mouthwatering recipes and images of what we believe is the most nutritious and delicious food ever. Opa!

What will I get in this ebook?

  • Over 60 Mediterranean recipes from our family kitchens to yours. As dietitians, we have modified these for optimal health, but we’ve kept in all the wonderful flavour!
  • Understand the research behind a traditional peasant-style Mediterranean diet for reducing your risk of chronic disease and encouraging a long and healthy life
  • An easy reference guide – Two Greek Girls 10 Ground Rules of the Mediterranean diet
  • Comprehensive analysis of meals with KJ, carbohydrate, sugar, protein, fat, saturated fat and sodium content per serve plus allergen information
  • A comprehensive weekly meal plan formulated by dietitians, so that you can easily implement the Mediterranean Diet. This 2000 calorie per day meal plan is perfect for maintaining weight for men as well as for highly active women.

PDF colour; 200 pages