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a taste of the mediterranean diet cover and insert

Free recipe ebook download: A Taste of the Mediterranean Diet

Try out the Mediterranean diet for yourself! Download a sample day’s worth of delicious and nutritious Mediterranean meals. Enjoy balanced nutrition in an incredibly tasty menu to help you dip your toe into the Mediterranean Diet. You get:

  • a sample day’s menu from breakfast until supper
  • full recipes you can try for yourself (some meals feature 2-3 recipes!)
  • additional tips for cooking and enjoying the Mediterranean diet

We’ve chosen Sunday because we want to give you amazing value, and we love the recipes you can try on this day!  The recipes are wonderfully delicious and nourishing and impact our bodies in the best of ways. These recipes feature in Mediterranean Eating Cook-Eat-Live. a lifestyle book co-authored by Tree of Life Nutrition Principal Dietitian, Desi Carlos.

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