The Mediterranean Diet : The Lifestyle of Eating (Ebook)




The Mediterranean Diet: The Lifestyle of Eating Book (eBook)

The Mediterranean Diet: The Lifestyle of Eating (eBook) by Two Greek Girls.

More beautiful recipes, advice and practical know-how from your favourite Greek dietitians in this cookbook and lifestyle guide The Mediterranean Diet: The Lifestyle of Eating (ebook). This is a long-awaited follow up to their first cookbook Mediterranean Eating. Co-written by our Principal dietitian Desi Carlos, it celebrates the health and personal benefits which can be seen by implementing the Mediterranean diet into your life. A host of delicious recipes fills its pages, along with lots of practical help and some wonderful insight from health and lifestyle experts.

“Mediterranean Eating is more than just a Diet, it’s a recipe for a healthy lifestyle that promotes living fully with zest, passion, vitality and connection.” Two Greek Girls

You might want to learn how your family can benefit from incorporating the Mediterranean Diet for general health and wellbeing? Or are you suffering a condition or disease? Maybe your doctor or specialist has recommended you try it to help with your weight? Or maybe for cholesterol, blood pressure, arthritis, heart issues, diabetes or liver problems? You will find our book a comprehensive way to step into the Mediterranean Diet – and its pages are filled with advice from health and lifestyle experts too.

Good food, and optimal health for life

The Mediterranean Diet: The Lifestyle of Eating showcases the scientifically proven Mediterranean Diet, and its vast benefits for great all-round health and wellbeing. It is perfect for anyone who is looking for a diet they can continue indefinitely, based on fresh and nutritious food, not the latest fad. The book offers a range of wonderful recipes which are easy to prepare, satiating and taste delicious.

We also offer inspiration for the benefits of embracing the whole Mediterranean lifestyle. This includes a mindful approach to eating, cooking and shopping. One which makes mealtimes a celebration and often shared with family and friends.

We give you the tools to implement this diet into your life, with recipes, a comprehensive shopping list and our guidelines on the Mediterranean Food Pyramid. That way, you can always be inspired and informed.

Expert interviews

Hear from a range of medical, allied health and food professionals. They offer their insight into the benefits of scientifically proven Mediterranean Diet. From medicine to psychology, exercise and nutrition science fields, these experts provide their perspective on its benefits for reducing your risk of chronic disease, as well as just generally looking and feeling better.

What’s inside?

  • From sun up to sundown, be inspired to cook more, eat well and live longer with our huge range of delectable and easy to prepare dietitian-approved Mediterranean recipes.
  • Understand the precise kilojoule, protein, carbohydrate, sugar, fat, saturated fat, sodium and fibre count for each recipe as well as allergy information.
  • Hear from medical, allied health, food and lifestyle professionals about their unique perspective on the Mediterranean Diet
  • Award-winning chef recipes – contributions
  • Mediterranean Food Pyramid – get balanced nutritional guidance
  • Mediterranean Food Shopping list – implement a healthy and cost-effective pantry
  • Understand how to read food labels
  • 196 pages of inspiration with beautiful images of food and culture and countless personal anecdotes and advice about cooking, eating and living the Mediterranean way.
  • Plus so much more.

eBook, 196 pages