Mediterranean Eating Cookbook (eBook) + 1800 Calorie Plan


Enjoy our Mediterranean Eating cookbook by Two Greek Girls as an eBook, with an 1800 calorie meal plan (weight management for an active female or weight loss for an active male).

Active men can lose weight, or active women can maintain their current weight with this 1800 calorie eBook version of our Mediterranean Eating: Cook, Eat Live cookbook. A comprehensive lifestyle and cookbook, co-written by Desi Carlos. Desi is our Principal Dietitian at Tree of Life Nutrition and one-half of Two Greek Girls Cooking.

This eBook is an electronic version of our hardcover cookbook, complete with a weekly meal plan tailored to 1800 calorie per day eating. This level is perfect for active men who are trying to lose weight, or active women who would like to maintain their weight. It contains wonderful imagery, all our 60+ Mediterranean recipes as well as advice from Two Greek Girls on implementing a Mediterranean Diet.



Lose or maintain weight with the delicious, nutritious and satiating Mediterranean Diet.

One of the best diets for general health and wellbeing is proven to be the Mediterranean Diet. It is not only good for you, with plenty of known ‘superfoods’, but also boasts good variety. The ways of cooking and eating leave in plenty of flavours which make the diet very easy to implement and stick to. Trying this diet for yourself is easy with our range of Mediterranean diet recipes, as well as all the scientific research, and anecdotes.

What’s inside this ebook?

  • Understand how the Mediterranean diet can reduce chronic disease risk, with extensive research on the health benefits for wellbeing and longevity.
  • Get our easy to follow top 10 Ground Rules
  • So many tasty meal ideas – with 60+ delicious recipes from our family to yours. These have been modified to be Dietitian-approved. They contain KJ, carbohydrate, sugar, protein, fat, saturated fat and sodium content per serve plus allergen information
  • Get practical help for everyday living with our 1800 calorie per day weekly meal plan. This gives you meals from breakfast to dinner, with snacks so you can enjoy a good variety of food groups.

PDF, colour; 200 pages