Tree of Life Diabetes Education Group

Diabetes Education Groups

Type 2 diabetic patients may receive Medicare rebates

Join us for our 4 week education program designed to give you all the tools and knowledge to successfully manage your diabetes.

Dietitians that specialise in diabetes will provide education on: healthy eating guidelines, the meaning of low GI foods , healthy fats and unhealthy fats, appropriate food portions and eating out guidelines. If you have any questions about foods for diabetes we can help you.

Our Diabetes educator will provide advice and answer your questions in regards to monitoring your blood glucose levels, equipment, medications and how to manage sick days and hypoglycemia.

Our Exercise Physiologist will provide education on the importance or regular physical activity and movement for the management of your diabetes, and demonstrate specific types of movements and activities for you to try.

Our visiting Podiatrist will provide education on the risk factors associated with diabetes. You will receive information on how to appropriately care for your feet to ensure your feet remain in good health.

In the final session our Dietitian will walk you through a virtual supermarket tour where you will learn the skill of food label reading appropriate for diabetes and learn about a wide range of healthy food products that are available.

Eligibility for Bulk-Billing of Diabetes Education Group 

Under the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Program, patients with type 2 diabetes are eligible to attend 8 group education sessions in addition to the 5 individual allied health consultations that they may be eligible to receive a rebate for from Medicare.  Tree of Life bulk-bills this service for clients who meet the following requirements:

  • type 2 diabetic
  • a completed referral form for allied health group services (please speak to your GP)

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