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5 recipes to support your gut microbiome ebook

Free ebook download: 5 Recipes to Support Your Gut Microbiome

There is more to improving your gut health than taking a probiotic. If it were that simple, wouldn’t all our digestive issues be solved? Your diet and nutrition are key, as well as having the right support to move through your issues. I’d love to offer you a sample of recipes that support better gut health. Here are 5 Recipes to Support Your Gut Microbiome, they are:

  • simple to make
  • cover breakfast to dinner
  • high in prebiotics, fibre and low in sugar and saturated fat
  • and most importantly, delicioso!

We think all of that is super-important when it comes to improving your diet and lifestyle, don’t you? In this ebook, I also share with you a little more about gut health, and the process of restoring the microbiome.

Desi Carlos, Gut Health Dietitian